It really is all about your attitude in life. How do you let things affect you? I know that different things affect each and every one of us in a different way. That’s what makes us unique. Something I will be sensitive to, is not necessarily something that will phase you and vice versa.

We need to be kind and sensitive to one another.

When people tell you you cannot do something. Do you believe them? Or do you choose to look at it differently and prove them wrong?

When people are mean to you, do you chose to believe them or do you shrug it off, understanding that they’re more than likely having a bad day themselves and probably projecting?

I often talk about choosing to be happy. It really is a choice in life. We can choose to let things affect us and keep us down, or we can choose to have a pity party (for a little bit) and then pick ourselves up and be stronger and better for it.

It is OK to have a bad day, gosh it’s human. Sometimes it’s a bad week or bad month or bad period of time, but as long as you can come out the other side better, seeing the sunshine and the happiness all around you, you are much better for it.

Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and remember you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.


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