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Appreciating Cape Town

I know we have many more cold, Wintery days ahead of us, but today just seems a little brighter. The greens feel lusher, the sun feels a little warmer than the dull Winter sunshine and I’m noticing the small little flowers sprouting up all over the place.

The seasons are definitely starting to change and it’s got me really excited.

*Insert ridiculous bout of Winter weather from tomorrow, because I’m convinced Murphy’s Law reads my blog.*

Summer in Cape Town is magical. It is the very best!

Winter is magical too. It has a different kind of charm. I know people bitch and moan about the rain, but if we are to be realistic, it’s maybe for a day or 2 and then it’s just clear, crisp and cold, until the next day or 2 of rain.

When I moved to Cape Town, I moved in Winter and everyone gawked at me as if I were utterly mad. The way people spoke about Winter, led me to believe that it rains SOLIDLY for all the Winter months.

*Insert scoff*

I absolutely adore this city I live in and I have to say, I’ve never met people who are more patriotic when it comes to a city.

To be fair, I’ve never met a true New Yorker, so my statement stands.

When I moved to Cape Town, I was so excited about living by the coast. I’ve been landlocked my whole life and I vowed that I would never take the beach for granted.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in every day life, but I’ve kept my promise and even though I don’t go to the beach daily, I walk the promenade as often as possible, breathe in the salty air and sometimes I choose to drive Beach Road just to get glimpses of the ocean.

Each time I see Table Mountain and Lions Head – we have a beautiful view of it from our bedroom, I feel a calming gratitude.

I am my happiest when I am in nature.

These are just some of the pictures I’ve taken from my iPhone 6 and I’m so happy and grateful to live with all of this beauty around me. These photo’s are completely unedited and have no filters.

The purple sky was simply magnificent.

We took a drive out to Franschoek and came across these Almond tree blossoms and a babbling brook…

On Saturday I had a horrible bug where I couldn’t stop vomiting. I couldn’t even keep the anti-nausea tablets down. It was TERRIBLE. On my way back from a “fun vom session” in the bathroom, this was the view out my window… How magnificent?

I took these this morning…

Cape Town, you have been so so good to me. I’m so happy I call you home.

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