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Perhaps it’s an age thing, but ever since I turned 30, I’ve looked at my material goods a little differently.

When I was in my twenties, I would buy a lot and dare I say, cheap. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, but the other day I was going through my wardrobe and there were so many tops. Tank tops, strappy tops, t-shirts etc all looking a little forlorn. I’d worn them for a season (some didn’t even last that long) and now I have to donate them and buy new – what a waste.

They were all “cheapys” but when I add them all up, I could have bought fewer, greater quality tops that would last me a few seasons.

My Dad always used to say: “You’re not rich enough to buy second best.” It’s relative, but I remember that being true when I was younger and I kept buying cheaper versions of a straightening iron. They kept breaking and after my 3rd, I ended up spending the same amount I would have on a ghd, from the very start.

I’ve also been wanting to simplify my life and I think more and more people are feeling the same. I just get this sense from conversations I’m having, blogs I’m reading. Perhaps it’s a universal energy.

Here is the problem. I am a hoarder of note. A sentimental hoarder, yet I adore the minimalist look. Go figure.

I just feel that having excess is unnecessary… Must. Stop. Hoarding.

It’s (I’m) a work in progress.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

I was looking at my wardrobe and have discovered an excess of items. If I had to actually add up what I’ve spent over the years on cheaper items; I could have just invested in decent pieces. Sigh.

I decided to spoil myself with a gorgeous designer black leather handbag by Raphaella Booz. It’s a black distressed leather bag that is so versatile and goes with everything. It’s big and lovely and I’ll have it forever, especially as the leather will only get better with age.

I bought the bag from Lilikoi Designs.

I love that it has a detachable shoulder strap too.

Raphaella Booz bag, Freddy Jeans, Forever 21 snow leopard jersey, Pick n Pay tank top

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