Sorbet Grande Facial

My skin always goes weird at the change of season. I definitely have a combination skin, but in season change, it becomes even more dry in areas and even more oily in other areas. I become more prone to breaking out and I swear I can see more lines in my face. Freaks. Me. Out!

I decided to try and balance my skin out a little and go for a facial at Sorbet in the new shopping centre “The Point” in Sea Point.

I arrived at the pastel coloured Sorbet and was greeted by a few smiley ladies. I was then introduced to Yolanda who would be doing the Sorbet Grande Facial.

She led me into a quiet room and explained that I should get undressed, wrap a warm snuggly robe around me and lie down, ensuring I was comfortable.

I did just that and lay down, shifting myself like a worm to get comfortable. I heard a slight knock and Yolanda was back to start.

She covered me with a towel and a warm blanket and I closed my eyes and just sank into the cosiness.

As soon as she began I started wondering why on earth I don’t do more of these. They are so relaxing and I could feel my skin actually becoming happy. If my skin cells could happy dance, I think they did!

Yolanda took me through each delicious step. Each step had the most wonderful smell too and I felt the stress melt away.

  1. Cleansing oil – to remove any make-up.
  2. Foam cleanser – a daily cleanser.
  3. Daily skin polish powder – which should be used 2-3 x a week.
  4. Facial massage butter. When last did you massage your face? Pure bliss.
  5. Vitamin Rescue Masque.
  6. Décolletage and neck cream.
  7. Eye and lip serum.
  8. Age Affect Power serum.
  9. Age Affect Day cream SPF 15.

She also let me know how my skin was feeling/looking and which areas I should concentrate on. For example, I never remember to exfoliate my neck area too. I always just exfoliate my face – from my forehead to my chin, but she suggested I exfoliate all the way down my neck area.

Your facial products should be used not only on your face, but on your neck and décolletage area too.

It wasn’t just relaxing, it was really informative and a nice reminder of things I knew, but didn’t always apply.

I love that Sorbet has their own range of skincare too. A range that is a complete hydration solution, one that fights ageing and a specialist care range.

I highly recommend the Sorbet Grande Facial – it’s a 75 minute facial for only R380, which I think is excellent value for money!

You can book your own by going onto their website to find the closest Sorbet in your area!

Follow them on Twitter: @sorbetgroup Instagram: @sorbetsouthafrica and Facebook: SorbetSA

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