10 reasons to follow me on Snapchat

I must be honest, I go through waves of being really good on snapchat, and by good, I mean I actually use it. Then there are the days when I forget about it and don’t snap a thing, or at least anything interesting.

Here are 10 reasons to follow me – BaileyVanilla – because Bailey Schneider, vanillablondebailey and Vanilla Blonde was taken (who are these people?)


  1. I keep it real. I even cry. Yip – I’m not immune to onion chopping. My worst.
  2. I really keep it real. Instagram can be posed/set up for the perfect aesthetic. Unless you’re permanently using the “beauty lens”, it’s pretty real and you get to see life from one honest aspect to the next. Real no-make-up-/ unbrushed-hair/ sometimes-good-hair-days/still-in-my-pjs/wearing-a-designer-dress/good-skin/bad-skin… LIFE.
  3. I bring you into the kitchen with me and show you what I’m cooking. If you follow the LCHF lifestyle, then you’ll like this. I also keep it honest, like when I showed step-by-step how to make a cauliflower pizza (see below) and placed the baking paper the wrong way, so it stuck. Badly. IMG_5545IMG_7382
  4. I bring you behind the scenes of my work at Smile 90.4 FM studio. There may or may not be some dance parties happening. I also bring you to my events, red carpets and BTS of shoots, Expresso filming and other things I’m up to.IMG_2789
  5. I sometimes snap Sox. Who loves snapchat so much. Not. I find it hilarious. Him? Not so much.IMG_0674
  6. I think the snapchat lenses/filters entertain me more than you, I’m pretty sure. Sorry, not sorry.IMG_6269IMG_1577IMG_5105IMG_5104IMG_5106
  7. I have little rants (sometimes). Because human. It’s the only place I really rant on social media.IMG_2989
  8. I share in my brilliant ideas, like deciding at 21:29 on a Monday night that it’s a great time to clean out my wardrobe and swap my Summer wardrobe for my Winter wardrobe. Of course the bed is an excellent place for everything. Where will we sleep? Oh. Right.
  9. I don’t snapchat everything. I try not to snap for the sake of it, which means you won’t lose 15 minutes of your life watching my snapchat. Unless, it’s really worth it. I really try not to snap crap. I try!
  10. Travel. I take you on my journeys when I visit JHB and snapchat Duke, my Godson and anything else exciting. I show you around Cape Town – especially prom walks and the beach – I feel like sharing nature is good for the soul. You can bet that when I travel overseas, I’ll pack you in my suitcase bring you along with me!

IMG_6986IMG_7297IMG_3299IMG_7721IMG_9591IMG_9483IMG_3811If you’re new to Snapchat and unsure how it works – click here for my Snapchat 101.

If you feel like following me, I’m BaileyVanilla.

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  • Reply Megan Hartwig

    Great post…but alas the Snapchat bug has not bitten me yet. But if I were on Snapchat, I would definitely follow you 😉 x

    June 20, 2016 at 2:05 pm
    • Reply BaileySchneider

      Hehehe! I have a feeling that you’d LOVE it! 🙂 x

      June 20, 2016 at 2:07 pm

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