Snapchat 101

hen I first heard about Snapchat, my first thought was: Oh no. Not another social media platform.

Then when I heard that it doesn’t keep videos or images and only plays them for 1-10 seconds, depending on what you set it to, I knew it was going to mainly be used to send naughty images to people.

That seems to have come and gone (sort of) and now people are using it as a bit of a vlog.

I signed up out of curiosity and yet again, felt frustrated when I realised my name had been taken AGAIN!

I have a different name of every social media platform because BaileySchneider or VanillaBlonde is taken. Annoying.

Twitter: @BaileySchneider

Facebook: BaileySchneiderSA

Instagram: vanillablondebailey

Pinterest: VanillaBlonde

Snapchat: BaileyVanilla

I am still new-ish to Snapchat and half the time I feel like such a dork. At first, it made me feel a little self conscious. Would people care about what I’m doing? Is it silly? Am I boring?

Then I thought SCREW IT. I’m just going to be me and you can follow or unfollow. Doesn’t worry me at all.

In fact, I had a bit of a giggle. Sam Wright, from did a post on 4 South Africans to follow on Snapchat. She included me (thankful) and said she didn’t think she’d enjoy me. (Ouch, a little. It’s OK, I can handle it. Sob.)

No, really, I appreciate the honesty and I’m glad I got to prove her wrong. Here is a screenshot from her site:

Thanks for featuring me, Sam! x

Right, let’s get into it…

How it works:

  • You’ll need to follow your favourite people, but you’ll have to know their snapchat name or add via contacts. You can add friends and see who has added you, by pressing the little ghost (see pic below of what the screen looks like)
  • When you film something, you hold down the button for as long as you want to video – remember, you only have 10 seconds. If you only want to film something that is less than 10 seconds, lift your finger and it will stop recording.
  • To take a picture, you simply press the button, like a normal phone camera.

  • To get filters and the artworks swipe left or right.
  • To write on your image or video, press the “T”- keep pressing the “T” to make it bigger and to centre it. You can then move it around. You can also change the colour of the writing. You can make it bigger, smaller, rotate it by dragging your fingers on the screen.
  • You can add emoji’s with the button next to the T. The little pen allows your to draw and get creative. (See below pic for the little emoji icon, T & pen.)

  • To zoom, drag your finger up and down on the screen.
  • Once you have finished, press the arrow sign and then you can either send it to “My Story” where everyone who follows you will be able to watch it – it only keeps for 24 hours or, to a friend where they will only be able to view it once.
  • You can save your own images and story with the little downward arrow.
  • You can screen grab someone, but it does notify them.
  • To change your view, double tap the screen.
  • To watch a story you just need to press the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom of the screen. Tap on the person you follow’s story to start watching. You can tap through things if you find their photos are set too long. Sometimes looking at a picture for 10 seconds is longer than you think.

What I love about Snapchat:

  • I love that I get to use it as a daily vlog, capture moments and show you 1-10 second snippets of my world.
  • It can be really interactive, although I find that people don’t realise they can be interactive by sending personalised pictures, videos and messages privately and not just to your story.

  • I love the little filters you get when you swipe left or right, I wish they would create more.
  • I love the artworks that are set to where you are in the world – I wish they would create more for SA.
  • I’ve got to really see some peoples awesome personalities and found them even more endearing.

What I don’t like about Snapchat:

  • It chows through my battery.
  • It chows through my data. I now film/photograph and send it to “My Story” or personal friends and only watch everyones stories when I get home and get onto my WiFi.
  • I’ve got to really see some peoples personalities and it’s been surprising as to what you think someone will be like, from an Instagram account or blog. Eek.

Here are some more pics.

One of the filters:

A screen grab of a video…

I hope this helps with any Snapchat questions and please comment with your snapchat name so I can follow you! If you feel like following me, I’m BaileyVanilla.

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