Natural Blonde

I am a natural blonde and I’m not just talking about my many blonde moments.

However, my natural blonde colour is a mousy blonde and so most blondes who have this colour start to highlight to wake the blonde up a bit.

I have been doing this ever since I got out of school. I once tried a brunette colour, purely to see if I could pull off brunette. The answer is DEFINITELY NOT and took me ages to get my hair back to it’s natural blonde.

I also tried the Christina Aguilera trend a few years ago, where I made the underneath of my hair Ferrari red and the top of my hair very blonde (it was hot back then, OK?)

It’s funny how the older I am getting *cough*, the more natural I want to become. I’m finding I’m wearing less make-up than before, I don’t wear heels as often as I used to – although my life will never be heels free – let’s get real 😉

I am missing my hair stylist, Lindsay Jade Calvert, from Studio 9 in Melrose Arch very much!

Since being in CT and getting my hair highlighted, something has gone horribly wrong… My hair has been so over processed that the minute I have a tiny bit of re-growth, my natural blonde colour looks black from the yellow blonde contrast. I have been feeling like I look bottle blonde and not natural blonde with a few highlights, know what I mean?

I was quite nervous because I needed to put my own natural darker blonde into my hair and I had nightmares that I was going to look like a Zebra… I actually found the picture of what I am afraid of happening and a picture of what I want to show the hairdresser. I think it’s the best thing to take a photo of what you want so that the stylist has a better idea and will be able to see if it will suit you or not.


I finally fixed it yesterday afternoon at a brand new Cape Town hair salon and wellness spa and I feel much better, happier and more me!

He put very fine foils of my own natural colour that he matched to the root so that it would look as natural as possible and when regrowth happens, it won’t look like unnatural or harsh. He said he wasn’t going to put too many in to begin with, only what was necessary now so that I could gradually add in my natural colour over time… It is easier to put in more darker blonde than it is to put in too many and have to lighten it again.

Makes sense.

Enough foils to contact outer space.

It’s not a MAJOR change and most people won’t even notice but it’s much better for my skin tone, it looks healthier and it’s much better for my hair condition too.

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