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Royal Baby Shower

I got an invitation to the Royal Baby Shower.

Yes, as in the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s Baby Shower.

OK, let me explain…

Mama Mio decided to throw a “Royal Baby Shower” in celebration of Kate Middleton loving the range throughout her pregnancy. Divine.

I know that she’s a big fan of the stretch mark cream.

I have often heard of women going crazy over the skin care range called Mama Mio. I always thought it was a range only for moms and expecting moms.

Myth Bust: They have an amazing range for everyone who loves looking after their skin, not just moms and moms to be.

We all arrived on a rainy day (fitting for a London Royal Baby Shower) in Camps Bay at the brand new Langaro Wellness spa and hair salon.

We were told about the gorgeous Mama Mio range, shown around the 2 week old spa, munched on scones, red velvet cupcakes and tea, indulged in manicures, pedicures and hair assessments (this is how and where I fixed my hair too, by the way. Read here.)

We also played games and had to answer some super hard questions about Kate Middleton, we had to come up with the most absurd name the royal couple could give their baby and we each had to match all the baby pictures we had submitted on RSVPing to all the guests who were at the shower.

I’m not really a Rooibos fan… I’ve only just started enjoying Red Cappuccino’s. I must admit though, I loved the Rooibos infused with Strawberry and Vanille tea they served. I may or may not have been responsible for this empty tea pot.

 They also have a stylist and clothes shop in the salon too. Amazing stuff.

Thank you so much to Mama Mio, the team at Langaro Wellness and Positive Dialogue for a wonderful Saturday morning.

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