YOU Spectacular

I wouldn’t be a girly girl if I didn’t LOVE dressing up and being glam.

I’m very blessed to have a remarkable team to help me get ready for red carpet events and award ceremonies.

YOU Magazine is one of the biggest magazines in South Africa and each year they have an award ceremony called the YOU Spectacular. I love the awards because they honour our entertainment industry. Our industry is full of talent and energy and I am very proud of every well deserved nominee and well deserved winner.

I also happened to be presenting on the night. I was honoured to be asked to present: “Favourite Music Star of the Year.”

Oreb, Eastgate dressed Greg and I for the award ceremony. It was quite phenomenal trying to organize a suit that fit without any fittings.  He was only flying into Johannesburg at 15h30 that afternoon and I had to be at the rehearsal for the awards at 6pm.

The Italian suit was PERFECT and he looked amazingly dashing (unbiased, I promise.)

I wore a beautiful black dress and teamed it with red accessories to lift the all black dress.

My Glam Squad from Studio 9, Melrose Arch did my hair and make-up.Lindsay-Jade created a gorgeous hair style to compliment the dress and Tennille did a smokey eye and nude lip for the occasion.

In the car
En route

It was also our first public debut out into the media, making our relationship public. A little nerve-wrecking to be honest but beyond exciting. Greg was just such a gentleman on the red carpet – his very first… and not intimidated at all by the flashing cameras, microphones shoved into his face and general craziness of the red carpet. I was so proud.

Simba Mhere (Top Billing Presenter) and I
Cindy Nell Roberts and Clive Roberts
Jen Su and I
Jen Sum, Bongani Nxumalo and I

Heinz and Alette Winckler
Alette Winckler and I
Koula and I
Jason Hartman, Bailey Schneider and Koula
Bailey Schneider, Charne Jade Slee and Farah Fortune

Haha – Mark Pilgrim playing silly buggers with Nicole Pilgrim

Uyanda Mbali and I

I have to admit … I was incredibly nervous presenting the award. I can MC on a stage in front of thousands, hundreds of thousands and it’s no problem. There is something about presenting in front of your peers, in front of people who do what you do for a living. It was a huge adrenaline rush. All I could think was: Don’t trip, don’t stutter. Don’t trip, don’t stutter.

I did neither.

I presented “Favourite Music Star of the Year” and the winner was: The Parlotones.

It was amazing and all the nerves disappeared as soon as I walked out. Funny how that always works.

Presenting Favourite Music Star of The Year … envelope in hand

It was an incredible evening and it most certainly lived up to it’s name… Spectacular indeed.

Thank you to everyone involved and to YOU Magazine itself.

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