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This is a mish mash of news… There is a lot going on… so let me start off with the USN 12 Week Challenge.I am in week 8 at the moment… 1 month to go.

I am thrilled with the results so far… I went for my weigh in yesterday and I’m down another kg and 2% body fat. In total I have now officially lost 11% of pure fat.

2 weeks ago Simba and I went shopping… I forgot to post the video… *The screen shot has frozen in a funny way… Simba looks like a Zombie and I look like I’ve stuffed marshmallows in my mouth. Hilarious.*

I’m increasing my water intake at the moment because I have a lot of water retention. It’s funny, I’m really learning a lot about health, fitness, nutrition and how the body works. I would never have thought I needed to drink water to stop water retention, but in the same way your body stores fat when we don’t eat (goes into protection from famine mode), our bodies do the same with water. If we don’t drink enough water, our bodies hold onto the water (especially since we’re made up of 70% water) and cause water retention and cellulite.

I’m also cutting down carbs. I’m having my oats in the morning, but then at lunch and dinner I’m eating lean protein and veges/salad. I’m also having my protein shakes in between each meal too. If I am going to have any carbs, I’ll have a slice of rye bread at lunch, but definitely no carbs at dinner.

I’m training 6x a week. 3x at 5am in the morning with my trainer and my muscles ache, but it feels good.

I started “The Bailey Schneider Show” on Monday at 2Oceansvibe Radio and let me tell you, there has not been a dull moment.


The new studios are in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg and to celebrate the first day, Melrose Arch management arrived with a bottle of champagne twenty minutes before my show was to kick off at 2pm.

We popped open the champagne, poured a glass and suddenly the studio went dark. A Power Station had gone down and resulting in a blackout for the whole Melrose area. Thank you Murphy.


I have never seen people run around so much – it was impressive. Suddenly there were extension cables and plugs sprouting from every direction to hook the studio up to the generator so that we could broadcast.

At 13:56 we were up and running…well, the studio equipment was. Talk about stressful.

My first interview was the brilliant Jacques Terre’blanche and we did the interview in the dark until the lights came back on. Too funny. He is awesome to interview!


Yesterday Jesse Clegg came into studio – he is just fantastic and we spoke about his music, his childhood, life, love and everything else… I liked that he autographed: “Thanks for a fun and unpredictable interview…Jesse Clegg”

The BFF Show debuted too… Karolina Sky and I are presenting a show where we invite you into our friendship circle. It’s the uncensored version of what Best Friends really talk about. Yesterday’s show started off with a bang and I was crying from laughter.


While we had electricity, we had a few technical glitches. These are all teething problems that are getting sorted out…it’s bound to happen in a brand new studio.

Besides those things that make live radio interesting, the vibe and the environment is really fun and relaxed.

The next time you’re in Melrose Arch around 2pm come through and say hi…


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