Up before the sun

Good grief this is early. It should be illegal to be up before the sun. It doesn’t help that it is super cold too. I stuck a toe out of my toasty bed this morning and it nearly fell off.

I am doing the Breakfast Show on 94.7 this week with Mark Pilgrim which means up at 04h30 and in studio by 05h15.

I’m dressed like an Eskimo, have steaming hot coffee that if I could, I’d take it intravenously and I’m opening my eyes so wide that I look shocked. It’s not really a good look for any time of the day but it’s purely so that they don’t shut closed again. The good news? My day ends at 9am.

This is how unimpressed I look when I’m up early with coffee and the sun is shining… Imagine what I look like when the sun is still sleeping!

To be fair, I am actually a morning person. I just like the sun. A lot. I prefer it getting up before me.

Just saying.

In other news…

I’ve eaten my weight in chocolate this past weekend. Also not a good look, but what you going to do when Easter eggs are everywhere? I need to start hiding them and not so that I can do another Easter egg hunt.

Guess where I’ll be at 09h30 each morning? Yes… sweating my ass off in gym… with Karolina who is whipping me into shape.

Hope you’ve seen the Cosmopolitan Magazine this month… if not, I’ll post it soon 🙂

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to Spring Autumn Clean my wardrobe should be shot.

Wait… It was me, wasn’t it?


What an absolute disaster. The more I tried to tidy, the more I messed. I’ve also run out of space so I had to be brutal in donating clothes that I don’t wear anymore. I have no problem donating, my problem comes in the fact that I am a hoarder. It’s terrible. I really do have that: “But it might come back in fashion… It might be vintage one day… It might fit me again…one day…”

Needless to say, there are boxes everywhere, clothes everywhere but in my wardrobe. Aaaah! I want a magic wand to wave around! Voila it’s all done, colour coded and beautifully done.

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