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  • Hello Autumn

    Facebook reminded me that it was the first day of Autumn on March 20. When I first saw it, I…

    / March 24, 2016
  • Autumn Style Musts

    Autumn is always a tricky one because the mornings and evenings are chilly, but it can still become quite warm…

    / April 28, 2014
  • Happy Autumn

    I am an absolute Summer baby and after experiencing my very first Summer in Cape Town (read first Summer living…

    / March 23, 2014
  • Life Lately

    HAPPY SPRING!! I absolutely love Spring and I am excited for Summer. It’s the first time in my entire life…

    Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle
    / September 2, 2013
  • Duke’s First Autumn

    Little Duke isn’t so little anymore. In 5 days time he will be 5 months old. I can’t get over…

    / April 17, 2012
  • Seasons

    Autumn is slowly but surely sneaking in… Being up every morning at 04h30 to train, I can feel it’s cold…

    / March 20, 2012
  • Up before the sun

    Good grief this is early. It should be illegal to be up before the sun. It doesn’t help that it…

    / April 26, 2011

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