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Thunderchild Wine

I got introduced to Thunderchild wines and I am officially in love.

The wine is delicious, smooth and decadent and is absolutely perfect for a cosy evening or shared at a wonderful dinner party.

I first opened a bottle on Saturday at a braai (as seen here) and it was so more-ish!

Not only is it delicious, smooth and decadent, but there is a beautiful story behind the wine and you all know how much I love a good story.

None of the children in the Herberg Children’s Home in Robertson originate from homes and communities where the sun proverbially always shines and where the weather is always lovely. The background of the children is characterised by dark and threatening clouds that sometimes create the feeling of being pushed to the ground. Thunderchild accurately describes the children, in the most beautiful way. Thunder is nature’s power and the children are nature’s wonders who fight through the most threatening and thundering darkness.

100% of the grapes for this blend is grown on the Herberg orphanage grounds and 100% of the profit is donated to the children. How incredible?

Originally, it was an unproductive apricot orchard, but it was decided in 2002 that a vineyard would be better. The Robertson community set to work with great enthusiasm and contributions in the form of fertilization, soil prep, plant material, irrigation and so on.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot vines were planted in 2003. It grew so well that the first wine was bottled in 2010.

The present building of the children’s home has seven housing units. Three for girls, three for boys and one for babies and toddlers. 122 children in care are from baby – 18 years old and come from different backgrounds. They are all removed from their parent’s care by a children’s court order because of various problems such as substance abuse, abuse, sexual abuse, violence, AIDS, poverty and murder.

The vision of the home is: We build lives. The government subsidises less than 48% of the monthly expenses and the rest of the funds comes from fundraising and all the proceeds of the wine sold.

I think this is absolutely beautiful and I love uncorking a bottle knowing that there is a deeper story to it. It’s also a wonderful conversation starter at any social event when you share the bottle.

Last night we opened another bottle of red wine, curled up with a blanket and watched the World Cup Soccer. It felt like a Sunday evening, not a Monday evening. Bliss.

If you want to order wine or would like any extra information, email them at

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