The best visit

I have been like a little girl the night before Christmas. Excited butterflies prevented me from falling asleep and then once I had, waking up at the crack of dawn.

My parents were flying in yesterday morning and I actually jumped up and down (in a happy dance) with a little squeal that even surprised me!

As they came through Domestic arrivals I gave them the biggest hugs.

It is the first time they are visiting me since I moved to Cape Town just over a year ago.

My mom drove down with me when I made the move, but she hasn’t visited since and my dad hasn’t been to Cape Town since 2009.

I have been beyond excited to show them where I live, what I have created for myself down here. I want to show them my every day life, my lifestyle, where my favourite spots are like the wine farms, restaurants, the promenade, the beaches. I want them to see my apartment that they’ve only seen snippets of thanks to Skype and FaceTime, my new car I bought last year, where the radio studios are… I’m excited for them to meet Socrates’ parents – who have wonderfully become my Cape Town parents. So much to do in such a short period of time.

It’s so wonderful waking up in the city I love so much and knowing my parents are here too! Family is everything and it’s awesome having them so close by … Now to only get them to move here *evil grin*

Operation Parental Move – cue the dolphins swimming by, the perfect weather, the most delicious wine on tap and an experience that they’ll never want to leave…

I’m on it.

I’m taking loads of photos so next week I’ll post the adventures.

Have a wonderful weekend…

PS. Thanks so much for readying the “I’m so perfect” post underneath this post – it’s been amazing to see what you’ve all had to say on the blog and also on Twitter. Thanks for all your lovely comments… I’ll reply to them soon!

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