Duke 1 – Bailey 0

We have an ongoing battle with Duke and his love of being on the couch.

Duke 1 – Couch 0.


Whenever I scold him, he then bunches himself up like he’s trying to become small (impossible with his size) like I suddenly won’t “see him on the couch anymore” and it just makes me laugh, so he get’s away with it.

Duke 1 – Bailey 0.

The reality is, I just adore his cuddles … He really is the best to cuddle with. 

His faces are my best and he may not be able to talk, but he communicates through his face …

“I know you don’t want me to… But I’m coming up onto this couch!”
“Pleeeease!! Gimme gimme gimme!!”
“I’m so tired! Cuddle me!”

“Oh c’mon! You know you want me on the couch to cuddle!”
“Haha! Sucker!”

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