SHOUT: Music Video #2

For those who don’t know what “Shout” is, it’s a Trust that was founded by Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane after the legendary Lucky Dube was tragically murdered. It is a Trust to help give you a voice against crime.

We live in the most beautiful country and one of it’s major problems is poverty and crime. We’ve all been affected by crime in one way or another. This is our chance to fight back and shout out against crime.

Shout invited high profile musicians and celebrities to join forces and sing the song “You’re the Voice” and I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the new Shout music video.

People can download the song, buy the merchandise or donate money. All the money accumulates and gets donated to different organizations that actually fight crime.

Last week I arrived at Constitution Hill and went straight into wardrobe and make-up. Lindsay-Jade from Studio 9, Melrose Arch had already done my hair that morning.

Having my make up done
The lovely Mika Stefano in make-up

From there, we were put into groups and had to look heroic and strong. We weren’t allowed to smile. Now I struggle with this. Just ask the people who have to take my ID/Passport Photos.

I don’t know what to do if I can’t smile. My cheeks start to quiver and I feel silly. My eyes even water a little.

We were also squinting into the sun/light reflectors and being blown around by the wind, so I’m not quite sure if I managed to look strong and heroic… probably more like an eye watering, cheek shaking spaz! Just saying.

I was exceptionally proud to be a part of such a wonderful initiative and it’s always fantastic to see my mates/peers.

Mika Stefano and Zuraida Jardine looking gorgeous
Bryan Habana, Kurt Darren, Arno Carstens, LeAnn, DJ Tira, Zuraide Jardine, Bailey Schneider, Loyiso Bala, Mika Stefano

The Director with Kabelo and Loyiso
Arno Carstens being interviewed

For more information on SHOUT. Click HERE.

Video coming soon.


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