Shesha Tuks Challenge

I am absolutely blown away and humbled by the support and the help I received on the Old Mutual Shesha Tuks Challenge today.

I was asked to be one of the 10 bloggers who would embark on an Amazing Race vibe around Sandton, using the new Shesha Tuks.

We had so many challenges to do and we had to post our clues up on twitter. Our twitter feeds were being monitored and we weren’t allowed to move onto the next challenge until a follower had sent us the right information!

No pressure!

I set out on the first challenge and as we arrived, my Tuk Tuk broke down. Murphy’s Law.

I was right in the front, but I sat watching every blogger arrive, get the new clue and move on, while I waited for a new Tuk Tuk to arrive.

I learned something today… I am quite competitive. In a fun way. Not the crazy way. LOL.

I could feel myself getting more and more anxious as I saw each blogger driving away.

I ended up coming 4th and that’s all thanks to how efficient, fast and amazing my twitter followers were – even with a broken down tuk tuk that should have left me in last place… my followers were so fast in getting me the answers, that I sped right up and caught up! Thank YOU!!

These were our challenges:

Challenge 1:

It’s time to start your epic challenge. You’ll need your followers to wish you luck to start the race. 5 Tweets of “Good Luck” will get your engine running.

As soon as the first 5 tweets came in and I checked it with the judges, I was off…

Challenge 2:

Tweet a picture of your driver holding up a sign with your name on it. Once you’ve done that, open Challenge 3 waiting for you in the Tuk Tuk.

This is my driver Jafta and I 😉

Challenge 3: 

Your followers need to help you out… Get them to find the location of these GPS Coordinates. Once you have the location, tell you driver where he needs to take you.

The coordinates are: 26.098336, 28.036012

I was amazed at the response… OK, so a few of you told me Egypt! Eek.

It turned out to be The Sandton Sports Club, near George Lee Park.

Challenge 4: 

Once you have arrived, find a man on the bleachers who will have your next clue.

I arrived to find a question: The Heiveld Co-operative exports high quality organic rooibos tea to niche fair trade and organic markets in the northern hemisphere. What year did it start?

The answer: 2001.

The man at the bleachers, handed me a flask of tea and as I ran to my Tuk Tuk, realizing I had a good lead and a good start, my Tuk Tuk wouldn’t start. 


So many other bloggers started arriving at the destination and every blogger had come through, when my new Tuk Tuk arrived and we were off again, now in serious competitive catch up mode…

Challenge 5: 

Get your followers to tell you where to go. Tweet these coordinates: 26.104271, 28.059853. Once you get there, open Challenge 6. GO!

My twitter followers were so fast in letting me know it was 123 Rivonia Road, The Holiday Inn.

Challenge 6:

Give this bottle of delicious homemade rooibos tea to any member of the public and make their day. Don’t forget to Tweet a picture and include #SheshaTuks. 

Then, open Challenge 7.

Tea lovers

Challenge 7:

Ask your Twitter followers to help you out… You need to go to the location in this picture… 

Once you’re there, ask the man by the Big Man for a clue.

I knew it was Nelson Mandela Square, but I had to wait for my followers to tell me. You guys were lightening fast!

Challenge 8:

I arrived to find this man next to Nelson Mandela holding this…

My amazing twitter followers let me know the answer immediately: 100- 150

@beardedwiseman snapped this of me getting my clues…

Challenge 9:

Your followers need to give you the next location. You’re almost done! Don’t forget to use #SheshaTuks. Once you get to 26.103404, 28.075666, find the man on the bench. He has an envelope for you.

Yet again, my speedy followers let me know I was racing to Innes Free Park off Katherine Street.

I found the guys on the bench and got my final envelope.

Challenge 10:

Again, my Speedy Gonzales twitter followers let me know it was Old Mutual, Grayston Drive.

The tree I had to place…

I RACED and finally made it in 4th position. I would have come stone last if it hadn’t been for YOU on Twitter. I am so grateful. THANK YOU!!!

I have gone through my twitter time line and typed out every AMAZING person who has helped me today. I feel emotional. Thank you.

I’m naming each and everyone of you for being my personal rock stars!!

@ADaftScotLass and @candice_setton – your cheerleading and help was INCREDIBLE!







































































I am blown away and humbled. Thank you.

Well done to all the bloggers – Warren Harding, Damon Crawford, Hendri Lategan, Dean Oelschig (who WON!), Mike Stopforth, Mike Sharman, Thulane Hadebe, Lerato Sengadi and Lucia Mthiyane.

Thank you to Old Mutual, Shesha Tuks, Natalie Roos and Dan Nash for an awesome day!


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