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Serv’d Fresh

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have someone create and cook meals, like the Hollywood stars have.

How fantastic to have a personal trainer, stylist, make-up artist and hair stylist every morning and to have a personal chef.

2 weeks ago I got the opportunity to have all my meals prepared by a new company called Serv’d Fresh. They prepare, cook and deliver delicious healthy meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, a daytime snack and a dessert for after dinner.

It’s carefully catered for weight loss and doesn’t compromise on taste. Their food is free from MSG, preservatives and colourants which encourages fresh, healthy and convenient eating. Healthy eating is also about balance, so Serv’d Fresh have ensured that there is an excellent balance between carbohydrates, protein, fats, dairy and fruit. There are plans for men and for women that are calorie specific and you can decide on what you would like for the week. If you only want dinners prepared for you and your man, perfect. You can do lunch and dinner too or you can have every meal catered for.

There are various menus for the week and you just need to let them know if there are any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

The deliveries are couriered on a Friday in a big cooler box packed fill with all the meals. They are based in Johannesburg, but they courier the freshness and deliver nationally, and so I received my food in Cape Town.

They are packaged beautifully in vacuum sealed (keeps the freshness) containers and bright coloured labels clearly marking each day, meal and what the meal is as well as listing allergens.

Vacuum sealed for freshness
Heated up and the chicken was so tender it was as if I had just cooked it right then.

I had such a stressful week, with so much going on that I had no time to prepare meals, let alone cook. It was absolutely fantastic knowing it was one thing I didn’t have to worry about. Every time I opened up my fridge, I’d see all the meals patiently waiting for me – it’s as if I could hear them say: “Relax! We’ve got this!”

No I haven’t lost my mind… entirely.

It was so great to pop the day time snack and lunch container in my bag/cooler and head off for my crazy day.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, day time snack and after dinner snack.

I wasn’t sure what the food would taste like… After all, they have been prepared and cooked; they’re in vacuum sealed packaging but will it taste good once I heat it up?

I was so pleasantly surprised at how home cooked it tasted and how utterly delicious it was. I am still dreaming of the coronation salad.

I think this is absolutely wonderful for business men and women, busy moms and anyone who wants to eat healthy, but doesn’t have the time to prepare food. We all know that preparation is key.

There are daily costs or a weekly cost depending on what package you choose. When I broke it down into each meal, it comes down to about R30/R40 a meal.

I am thoroughly impressed with the food- the flavours, taste and how I was never left feeling hungry!

Visit their website for more details, the menu and extra info –

Sadly – I have lost a lot of my photographs of the delicious food from my hard drive crashes, but here are some that I was able to retrieve.

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