Savouring Moments

I just read a blog post by Berry Diaries all about savouring moments. It really got me thinking. This year has started off on such a good note, but it’s also flying yet again.

I don’t want this year to rush by again without really appreciating moments and savouring it all.

Here are some moments I’m savouring:

As I type this, I’m in my childhood bedroom in my parents home. There is so much nostalgia and happiness here. I have a squishy faced bulldog on my bed – he snuck into my room in the middle of the night and jumped on the bed. He’s snoring a little and when he can’t feel me, he moves so that his back is against mine or my leg.

No matter where I am in the world and where I set up my own home, my parents house will always hold that homely feeling – that feeling of nostalgia, comfort, love and sanctuary.

I spent hours in this garden as a little girl and even today I love sitting in it watching the plants and birds

I’m reading through my favourite blogs with a cup of tea before I get going with my busy day.

I don’t always have a lot of time to read my favourite blogs, so when I do, I open up all the blogs in new tabs and go through them – I really love reading what everyone is up to. I’m just so bad when it comes to commenting. I’m sorry. I know how much I appreciate comments on my blog, so I’m trying to get better at commenting.

I’m savouring last nights dinner at my BFFs home. Karolina and her husband Filip made a big bowl of Spaghetti Bolognaise (haven’t had pasta in ages, and I savoured the moment.) I also got to surprise some of my closest friends, Lucia, Tomislav and Dimi by being at the table when they all arrived. It was fantastic to catch up, reminisce and just spend time together again.

I’m savouring the time spent with my family, chats with my mom and sister. Walks with dad and cups of tea that are made for me. Why does tea always taste better when someone else has made it?

Savouring moments with Duke and his hilarious faces, sounds and antics.

I’m savouring this week of opportunity and the fun I’m having rehearsing for the TV commercial. Tomorrow we officially start filming. I’m slightly nervous and very excited – all rolled into a mushy ball. For some reason, I know all my lines off by heart and can repeat them so well… in the mirror. The minute it comes to doing them in front of everyone, I get brain freeze. The irony is that all the attention on me just makes me a little nervous. See? It happens to all of us.

I think this is a completely natural thing to happen, but I’ve got it nailed and I can’t wait to perform.

Here I am going through my scripts…

What moments are you savouring?

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