Roots by Scar

If you follow me on social media and my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I call Scar Hair my “happy place.”

I always feel incredible after I’ve had my hair done. A fresh colour, treatment and blow wave makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. Move over Heidi Klum! ūüėõ

I’m really excited to introduce you to Scar’s brand new baby: Roots by Scar.

It’s a root maintenance bar, which is a step further than your blow-dry bars.

This is a place where you go to have your roots touched up. You’d still go to your regular hair dresser for bigger jobs, hair colour changes, cuts and so on, but if you just need your roots touched up – this is the place for convenience and affordability.

You can choose whether you want just roots done under 2cm or 2-6cm. You can add a treatment and a blow wave too or not. There’s no pressure.

We created the shop for those who may not always need a full visit to their hair stylist but that are only after their root maintenance. We invite clients of Roots to take advantage of the simplicity and ease of the root touch up / blow wave / treatment until they are once again ready for a full appointment with their normal stylist. One that perhaps includes a cut and/or more detailed and technical colour than a simple root touch up. (Some of our scar clients are often just needing their roots touched up in between their cuts and more specialised color techniques but are often having to wait up to two weeks to get in to see their stylists.)

Roots is also aiming to¬†achieve a¬†‘cruelty-free’¬†ethos in the salon, whereby¬†the products used are not tested on animals. Slowly, they’re hoping to spread a kinder message to people regarding animals, and our treatment of them.

All of this is possible with a click of a button too… They have an app, and this is what I LOVE about it:

I don’t know about you, but often when I need to get touched up at the time I need, my hairstylist isn’t always available and I need to book a few days later. Now, that I have the app, I can see the appointment schedule and book the time and day I want, immediately.

I can also book for a year in advance (I know I need touch ups every 5-6 weeks) and not only save money – up to 40% off), but I can really save in time management.

Check out the What’s Hot section‚Ķ Free Blow waves for the win ūüėČ

There is a Roots Rewards program, which allows you to earn points. You can earn points whenever you use the app to book and a referral will get you 50 points. These points can be redeemed at the adjacent retail bar, which stocks a range of cruelty-free home care products, namely Davines, Reference of Sweden, Oribe, Kevin Murphy, evo, London Grooming and Label.m.

Roots by Scar plans to roll out nationwide and will be in boutique centers. The first one has opened in Cape Town at the Kloof Lifestyle Centre, on the 1st floor.

Download the app on the Apple Store, and you can download it on the Google Play Store as well.

You can also give them a call: ROOTS Р(021) 422-0978

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