Road Trip Day 1

On Sunday night I arrived at the beautiful Riverside Estates, Hout Bay, Cape Town. I was shown to my room in the Cape Dutch Manor house and felt like I should have been wearing a long dress to complete the feeling I was having of what it must have been like in those days.

I made myself a cup of tea and fell asleep so fast.

In the morning, I woke up with a throat on fire. I’ve got a cold from all the traveling (planes can be horrible like that and the weather changes between JHB and CT haven’t been kind to me either) and this couldn’t happen at a worse time. Positive thoughts and the faster I can get to the pharmacy to get medicine and vitamin C the better.

I decided that it wouldn’t get me down and opened up the curtains to be greeted by a beautiful sight… 5 acres of the most gorgeous garden. Lavender, Mulberries, Roses, winding path ways, lush lawns… I really felt like one of those Ladies who should have been wearing pearls and petticoats.

I have to note, that it does have a modern twist to the Estate, it just has such a romantic feeling to it too.

Just as you feel as if you’re on a lavish Wine Estate, you suddenly feel like you’re possibly in the Knysna Forest too. There is the tree house in the forest, the paddock manor and so forth. It really is gorgeous.

After a long walk, I sat down to eat breakfast:

Liz, my sound engineer for this trip arrived and we set up over looking the manor…

Not a bad view from “the office”
This guy, Jag was AWESOME. I did feel like I was “cheating” on Duke though… Sorry boy!

Just before the show started, we were treated to a delicious lunch. I love food that tastes home cooked and I particularly loved how delicious and healthy it was

Trout Salad to start

During the show, we ran a competition on Twitter. All you had to do was Retweet to Win a weekend away at Riverside Estates. Congratulations to Mel O’Connor.

I’ll be running Twitter competitions every single day on these road trips. So follow me @baileyschneider and Retweet the competition tweet I put out 🙂

After we finished the show, we packed everything up and got into our rental car “Smurfette” for the week and headed back to Cape Town.

That evening, we were meant to go on a Cruise and Dine experience… An hour and a half sunset cruise around Cape Town, followed by a meal at The Greek Fisherman. It would have been so romantic, but sadly it was pretty windy and cold and with my own cold I didn’t feel like getting full blown flu for the rest of the weeks travels. We skipped the cruise and did the dining instead.

The Greek Fisherman is where I will be broadcasting from on Tuesday as a part of the Dine Around at the V&A Waterfront.

You absolutely have to try the Houloumi with Quince Jelly. Salivating, just typing it.

Every single dish we tried was superb.


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