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My Stretch Marks Results with Aesthetics 11

Let me begin by being 100% honest. When I started the Venus Body Contouring, I was skeptical. Part of me had my doubts and of course, the other part was hopeful, but the skepticism was higher.

Let me start at the beginning…

Aesthetics 11 is an advanced skin and body clinic, situated in Green Point, Cape Town, specialising in the latest aesthetic treatments, technology and products, for skin care, medical aesthetics, body contouring /slimming and laser hair removal, in collaboration with their Aesthetic Doctor.

They introduced me to their signature EVOLVE body shaping treatment, which combines the latest Venus Concept (MP)body contouring and skin tightening treatment with an Endermologie Lymphatic drainage treatment. It shrinks localised fat deposits, tightens loose skin, smooths cellulite and fades stretch marks. It is especially great for the post pregnancy mommy.

This 100% painless, comfortable treatment is safe for all skin types and has no down time. In fact, it feels like a hot stone massage! It almost sounds too good to be true, you know?

Most clients receive a course of at least 6 to 8 weekly sessions – they key here is consistency. Try not to miss a session. I had 8 treatments and I was consistent (barring one week, when I was traveling.)

You can read my first post about how it actually works and all the FAQ here.

We took Before Photos and measurements. I never actually saw them. It was probably better that way.

I have NEVER liked my tummy – it’s always been my problem area and it is definitely not something I show. So to even post this, is hard for me. The only time I LOVED my tummy and didn’t mind it being out was when I was pregnant. I loved that I didn’t have to suck it in! Haha!

However, I’m learning to be kinder to myself and even to love my stomach – which housed and grew my gorgeous little George!

Let’s go all the way back…

This was my big, pregnant tummy taken on 24 May 2017. The day I found out I was pregnant (28 October 2016), I slathered my tummy with oil and creams twice a day, religiously, because I was worried to get stretch marks…

This photo was taken, one week later on 2nd June 2017 (13 days before I gave birth):

When I got those red, angry stretch marks  in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy, I sobbed. I looked like I’d been mauled by a tiger. I tried to be positive and “fierce” by calling them my “Tiger stripes” but I was just so upset. Then I felt shallow for being upset and it made me feel even worse. Argh. I don’t have any other pics because I didn’t want to see them and I definitely didn’t want to “document” them. The stretch marks got worse and I got three above my stretched out belly button too.

I know that stretch marks don’t disappear and as hippo-like as I felt, and definitely not thinking about being in swimwear anytime soon so heavily pregnant, I couldn’t help but feel sad, thinking: I will never wear a bikini again. Time to embrace the full piece. Luckily, full pieces are so in these days. Yes… these were the deep rambling thoughts I had at 3am, during the pregnancy insomnia.

What I noticed the most as these treatments progressed, was the appearance of my red, angry stretch marks starting to fade and while they are not gone, you cannot see them unless you are up close.

Here is a photo taken on the 28th of May 2018 – close to one year later… I cannot believe it. It’s a selfie, which actually wasn’t easy to take, but it’s quite close so you can really see! Also, I seriously need a tan! Jeepers.

Here is a pic at my 7th session, in the body suit for the Endermologie:

After my 8th session, we took After Photos and measurements. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Final Results:

Under bra: I lost 5cm
Belly button: I lost 11.5cm
7cm below belly button: I lost 9cm (this is usually the most stubborn place to lose.)

I still feel shy to share this, but I’m just so happy! 8 weeks! Wooohoooo!!

It feels so good and inspiring. I still have a lot of weight to lose and I definitely need to tone up, but I can’t get over how my stomachs stretch marks have faded, my skin has tightened and I’ve lost the stubborn weight. The Venus Contouring and Endermologie really delivered everything it said it would.

To book your free consultation:

Tel: 086 132 4752


65 Main Road, Green Point

Social: @aesthetics11sa

Special valid until the end of July 2018:

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  • Reply Heidi

    I think it is really amazing how you share so much of your insecurities and fears with us. You are a very special lady. You show us that we are all the same in so many ways and share the same insecurities about ourselves. You are looking amazing and all the effort you put in to looking after yourself and sharing your struggles with us is truly inspirational. I want to use the word Brave. because to me you are. Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. All the good and the not so good.

    June 19, 2018 at 8:40 am
  • Reply Louise Hughes

    Wow, I am impressed that, for once, an aesthetic treatment actually WORKS. And your stretch marks are basically GONE. That’s amazing. Well done for being brave and sharing, I salute you. We ALL have flaws and ugly bits but that’s OK. Now, I only wish I were in Cape Town to be able to get that treatment! Is there anything near Durban?

    June 19, 2018 at 9:40 am
  • Reply Linda Brown

    That’s an amazing 8 week transformation. I know it took me 3 months to see any changes after training hard and eating clean. I’ve now decided if you want to tone, you need to exercise and lift weights, if you want to lose weight you have to watch your diet. If you want both, you must do both! Congratulations on the perseverance!

    June 19, 2018 at 10:07 am
  • Reply Saysha

    Oh wow that’s chalk and cheese.
    Do you think a lot of what you ate (Banting) helped contribute?
    By the way, I love stretch marks. I might sound silly but they’re so awesome. Seriously tells a story.

    June 19, 2018 at 1:40 pm
    • Reply BaileySchneider

      Hi Saysha, I wasn’t being 100% strict with the Banting…. I would say I was doing it 70% right, so I do think it was the combination of both… However; in the last 3 weeks I went through being 100% and saw my best results!!

      June 22, 2018 at 8:11 am
  • Reply Donne

    Absolutely love your honesty and putting yourself out there!! You look amazing and I know the struggle with wanting to look good and not being shallow and self absorbed. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

    June 19, 2018 at 6:45 pm
  • Reply Siobhan Yeatman

    Congratulations on some truly amazing results!!!!! You’re an absolute superhero, and thank you for always putting your insecurities aside to share with us xxxx

    June 20, 2018 at 11:16 am
  • Reply Caley

    Wow Bails, that is so so amazing!!And I am so proud and so appreciative for you sharing your journey and results – can’t believe the change! x

    June 20, 2018 at 2:14 pm
  • Reply Mylene Wait

    Come for a Vita Liberata Spray Tan Bailey! Would love to give you the glow & catch up! xxx

    July 6, 2018 at 8:12 am
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