Long weekend

I had the laziest day on Sunday! I literally did not get out of my onesie all day, except for when I showered and got intro fresh pjs.

Sox and I woke up to watch the Mayweather Pacman fight. I was so hoping Pacman would win. Anyway.

On Saturday morning I met a lovely friend for breakfast. She had googled “The Best Eggs Benedict” and it took us to Hemelhuijs in town. We arrived a little too early. 08h30 is early here in Cape Town on a Saturday. Ha! My inner Jozi girl always has a giggle.

We headed up the street to Jason’s for a cup of coffee whilst we waited for 9am.

It started pouring with rain (Winter is here) whilst we sipped our coffees and watched people ordering the fresh cronuts and pastries. I felt a major victory in not ordering and not really even craving one… They did deserve to be photographed though!

My no sugar lifestyle has been one incredible journey so far, which has reminded me to actually do a blog post on my experience and progress – so watch this space!

9am came around and we ran in the rain to our car and down the road to Hemelhuijs. It is such an interesting and exotic place with so much to look at. I feel like I could go back a few times and see brand new things that I had previously missed.

This pic sourced from their website

We were lead to a table with a petri dish of what looked like pieces of charcoal. It’s black salt.

The colourful and beautifully photographed menus have delicious options, but I couldn’t be dissuaded on what to order.

I ordered a cup of ceylon tea and Alex ordered a cappuccino.

We both ordered the Eggs Benedict with artichoke hearts, fresh rocket and crispy bacon. It came on a thick slice of fresh bread, which I left behind. #LCHF

It definitely lives up to it’s google search result of being one of the best eggs Benedict I’ve had…

How is this artwork? This is how I appreciate my bread/toast…

I finished breakfast off with my own cappuccino and Alex had the hibiscus tea.

Oh and in other news, I got asked about my nail polish (pic above) in instagram and FB, so I wanted to share that it’s this:

I painted my nails with Nails Inc Crystal encrusted Porchester Square a week ago, and it’s only started chipping a little. I’m impressed with how long it’s lasted.

Sox’s sister, Sofi is visiting from Athens, Greece so on Friday we went looking at wedding venues, which ended up being quite funny. The person who showed us around suggested we use hay bails as seats and we could either use a red carpet or straw for the aisle. Um. Just because my nickname is Bails, does not mean I would like hay bails as seats.

We quickly aborted the idea and headed to Camps Bay for a drink.

This week is an exciting one… I have a work trip to Jozi on Thursday, plus my cousins Wedding in Jozi over the weekend.

I’ve also signed an exciting new contract and can’t wait to share what that is SOON!

Happy Tuesday!

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