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Life Lately – Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Day! Today has been a beautiful day in Cape Town and I hope it’s going to start getting warmer and warmer.

Realistically, we will still be very much in Winter for another month or 2. It’s one of the things I miss about Johannesburg – September really does bring hot weather…it’s almost like Joburg skips Spring and goes straight into Summer, while Cape Town clings to Winter.

BUT… I love that I get to call this home…

I went back to work on Monday and I am happy to report that it’s all gone really well. If you missed my blog post about how I was feeling, take a read here. I must admit the thought of ending my Maternity Leave and leaving Georgie behind was worse in my head than reality. I had built it up so much in anticipation of what it would feel like that I was dreading it. I had a good cry in my Uber ride on the way to the station. I don’t think my poor Uber driver knew what to do with himself – you’ve never seen a driver more fixated on the road. When I arrived at Smile 90.4 FM everyone was so sweet in welcoming me back with such high energy and big bear hugs, that it made me burst into tears all over again. Needless to say, it felt fantastic to switch on the microphone and do what I love. A good friend, Chelsea sent me a message that just put everything into perspective: Think how AWESOME it’s going to be to get back into doing what you love and then going back to whom you love!

This week has whizzed by and while I miss George terribly, I think I’m a better Mom coming home to him with such excitement. 

This week has been pretty grueling though. The day before I returned to work (Sunday), I got another cold. Second time this month. Highly frustrating when I don’t normally get sick anymore and even more since there is very little I can take in terms of medication since I’m breastfeeding. I’m taking whatever I can, but I eventually went to my GP and an ENT specialist because I just had no relief and it seemed to be getting worse. I’m on a steroid and antibiotic (relatively safe for breastfeeding) and hoping to kick this soon.

Oh and the cherry on top? This week (of all weeks) Georgie decided that sleep wasn’t for him. Goodness he’s been funny. Each time he cries out, we go into his nursery and as soon as he see’s us, he coo’s and smiles like he wants to play. It’s very cute the first 2 times. Not so cute at 2am, 3am or 4am.

So being sick and having a little nocturnal 11 week old has been pretty exhausting.

Don’t be fooled by this little sleeping Angel on my chest…

This weekend I am looking forward to getting healthier, spending 24/7 time with Sox and George and my amazing twin friends are visiting from Johannesburg, so we’re brunching on Sunday and I can only imagine George is going to be covered in kissed by the two of them.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  • Reply Louise

    I really hope Cape Town puts on some good weather soon, as we are visiting Cape Town for a weeks holiday in two weeks time! Eeeek. I know it will still be chilly though.

    September 3, 2017 at 5:45 am
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