Last Day…

Today is officially the last day of my twenties. I feel quite sad about it, but I also feel excited for a whole new decade and chapter. It’s a strange emotion and quite difficult to explain.

I can’t really sleep at the moment, so I thought I’d turn to my dear Vanilla Blonde blog and just write.

I’ve had an amazing few days in Cape Town and every single time I leave, I cry. Big crocodile tears. I try hide them, so I don’t look like a crazy person, but it’s made me realise I really have to make the move. I’ve made the decision it’s where I want to be. My soul is happy there.

It started off as a whisper a year ago and it’s now very loud and clear.

I just have to make it happen now.

I have a really good feeling about this year and even about turning 30 tomorrow. I can’t deny that the notion is daunting and it just feels weird. Again – it’s unexplainable.




The Dirty Thirties. Well, in Roman Numerals it is XXX. You work it out 😉

The reality is, I’ll probably wake up feeling no different. I will admit that I’ll probably definitely stare in the mirror checking for any wrinkles or grey hair sprouting up over night. You never know.

OK enough ramblings from me on a very early Sunday morning… My eyes are getting heavy… Good night world!


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