I love…

It really is the small things in life that can put the biggest smile on my face.

I love receiving a text from a wonderful friend telling me that they’re thinking of me.

I love hearing a hearty laugh from a child – it’s the most beautiful sound.

I love singing my heart out in the car or the shower.

I love the pitter-patter of rain on my window while I’m curled up in my bed with a good book and cup of tea.

I especially love my cups of Twinings or Bois Cheri Vanilla tea. I am completely obsessed actually and rarely go a day without a cup or three.

I know it’s a black tea, but I normally add some skim/fat free milk. Making vanilla tea always leaves vanilla wafting through my apartment.

I tried vanilla tea in university. I remember one of the girls ordering a cup at our student center. At the time I thought it was so incredible sophisticated amongst a crowd who had just ordered beer. The vanilla aroma was so inviting and after trying some, that was it. I was hooked.

When I went to Mauritius I discovered Bois Cheri vanilla tea and fell in love with that… Every time a friend goes I beg ask them to bring some back for me.

So grateful I found Twinings Vanilla Tea… I’ve tried a few of the others, but they’re just not the same and I always go back to my good ol’ faithful.

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