Fast Cars, fast weekends

What a weekend!

Peugeot contacted me last week to ask me if I would like to test drive the new Peugeot RCZ for the weekend. I thought about it…um… OK! If I have to!


This car is literally sex on wheels and it is fast! I didn’t even get to put my foot down and before I knew it,  I was flying. S-E-X-Y!

It really is amazing to see how men look at the car… I swear guys have it imprinted in their brains to stare at cars -they just can’t help themselves. I did find it amusing to see how men looked at the car and then got such a fright when they saw a female driving it…a blonde female. Classic.

I had to give it back this morning. I literally did a tug of war with the car key. Peugeot won.


I celebrated 4 parties in one. It was my gorgeous twin friends: Ingrid and Bernice birthday party, Bernice’s husband Ricky’s birthday party and Bernice and Ricky’s housewarming party. I really adore house parties. Great music, great company, the best catching up sessions all around the table where we ate a delicious dinner. Afterwards we curled up on the couch eating bowls of ice-cream with the most decadent toppings.

I looked around the room at some of my wonderful friends. They were laughing, their eyes were twinkling and the room just felt bubbly. I am so blessed to have such positivity in my life, to have such warm, generous, down to earth, kind, caring and genuine people in my life.

Speaking of….

Yesterday morning Karolina, Lucia and I met up for breakfast brunch, which turned into hours of french toast and laughter.

Sunday afternoon was spent with my family. My dad was out running a few errands, so my mom, sister and I watched Eat, Pray, Love. I love Julia Roberts.

I’m really looking forward to reading the book. I know. I heard that gasp. I promise I’ll read it soon. It’s in my book pile!

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