How to Find the Right Mattress with Bed King

Last year, when I was heavily pregnant, Sox and I chatted about upgrading our Queen bed to a King Bed. Adding another family member, felt like we needed more space. We don’t co-sleep, but I love our morning routine of piling onto the bed with teas, coffees and bottles and starting the day as a family. Rainy afternoons mean cuddling up all together and watching a movie and birthday mornings are always the best too, because everyone is on the bed, while the Birthday boy (or girl) opens their gifts.

We started doing some homework on what the best mattress would be and I did what I think 80% of people do when buying a bed: Look at the brand of mattress we know and price point for our budgets.

On going to Bed King, I learned that there is actually a much better way to find the perfect mattress. It’s for this very reason that I want to share it because it’s a game changer to elevating your sleep, and essentially your life. It might sound dramatic, but if we are going to be spending one third of our lives sleeping, I’d like to be as comfortable as possible, right?

We arrived at the Bed King in Greenpoint and met Andre. We were shown straight to the Comfort Solutions Lab, which is on the floor of the store. There is a bed and a computer with a whole lot of science.

Both Sox and I lay down on the bed, on our backs and then in the fetal position, which we usually find ourselves in. The mattress has sensor pads to see where most of the pressure from our bodies were and where the areas were that weren’t being supported. It was through this data that Andre could then show us the mattresses that would support those pressure points and support the areas that weren’t being supported properly.

I did some Instastories (you can find them under Home on my highlights):Now, without this knowledge, I probably would have walked into a bed store, lay down on a few mattresses to see which felt comfy, which was too hard or too soft – a real Goldilocks moment – and then factored in price and made a decision.

However, having this knowledge changed how we tested mattresses. Andre asked us to lie down on different mattresses and what Sox and I thought would have been comfortable for us, was actually all wrong for our spines. Go figure! It was only when he pointed out the mattresses that would be the most beneficial for us, that we felt the difference.

We chose the Comfort Solutions King Size bed called The Michelangelo and have had some of the best sleep – which is really saying A LOT considering we are in the newborn phase and getting very little sleep.

The mattress feels really plush and here are some of it’s features and benefits:

We bought mattress protectors, something vital to have, and also went linen shopping for new sheets and a duvet. There is nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh luxe, high thread count sheets. It’s bliss.

We placed the order and never expected that our mattress would be delivered the very next day! Honestly, I thought it might take weeks.

It was by default that George moved from his cot into a big bed. For a few weeks we had been talking up the idea that George would go into a big boy bed, so the excitement was there… we just hadn’t decided when it would happen. We weren’t sure if we should make so many changes with a newborn coming into our lives, so I’m glad that the decision was almost made for us, and a reminder of how resilient children are.

The Bed King delivery guys delivered the base and the mattress and helped us set everything up. We played “musical beds” by moving our Queen into George’s bedroom and the cot into the nursery for the new baby. That night George slept in his big bed and we had almost no issue. I put it down to not overthinking it and keeping his night time routine exactly the same. He didn’t even try to get out of his bed and in the morning, he called for me to come and get him. His transition from cot to big bed has been effortless and we’re very grateful.

That night when Sox and I got into our brand new King bed, we laughed at how much bigger it felt and how much space we had. It was glorious.
We still have our Queen headboard, so that’s the next thing we will be looking at, along with a whole new bedroom décor refresh… I’m excited, but doing things slowly as our focus is on our newborn!

Here’s the really great news: The Comfort Solutions Lab is available at every Bed King store throughout South Africa and it’s free. Give Bed King a call today 0860 25 35 45 or visit their website. 


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    Wow thank you for this , im need of a good bed our family is growing ,very helpful.

    February 4, 2020 at 5:19 pm
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    February 21, 2020 at 9:01 am
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