Hobbling Along…


I’m on crutches. Feeling very very sorry for myself.

A few weeks ago I did something quite embarrassing. Luckily it wasn’t captured on camera or put on YouTube. I fell onto the treadmill whilst running.


I’d like to reiterate that I didn’t fall off the treadmill, just onto it and twisted my ankle, skinned my knee resulting in 2 sexy roasties on them, a very red face and a bruised ego.

Yes, I said it.

I limped around a little, but I didn’t think too much of it and thought I’d just heal up quickly.

Last Thursday I don’t know what happened but one minute I was walking from my bathroom to my bedroom and I felt this awful pain at the back of my leg, so I headed off to the Physio.

I was told it was Achilles Tendonitis and I needed to do the given exercises and take it easy.

No problem.

The irony is that the ankle I had originally hurt was 100% fine – it was now the other ankle that was sore – compensation pain, I guess.

On Sunday night I was walking from my car to my apartment when I heard this POP and felt like someone had kicked me from behind. I actually got such a fright and immediately when into that “Flight or Fight” mode thinking that someone had rushed up behind me. When I turned around, expecting to see someone there, there was no one and that was when I really felt the pain. OMG.

I went back to the doctor and physiotherapist and it turns out I have Grade 1/Grade 2 25% tear in my Achilles Heel. Thank goodness it hasn’t ruptured or that would be instant surgery and 5-6 months healing.

I have to get off my foot and wear heel lifts. I was actually told that it would serve me well to wear heels.

Best advice ever!

Bailey: “Heels?! Really? That’s awesome!”

Physio: “Not stilettos, Bailey! Just a small heel to get the pressure off the back of your foot.”

Admittedly I would feel silly and stupid being on crutches and heels.

Let’s be honest… If you had to see a blonde girl on crutches and then see her wearing heels, what would you think?

I would think of every kugel stereotype around.

I am wearing heel lifts that fit into my shoes and boots to raise the back of my foot.

I suck on crutches. Granted it’s my first time using them. I’m wearing my cycling gloves to protect my hands that felt like they were on fire.

I’m hobbling along and trying to look on the bright side. I don’t need surgery and rehab time of 5-6 months.

I only need to be on crutches for about a week or 2 and need healing time of 4-6 weeks.

My arms and shoulders are getting a great workout from the crutches… um…. Yes, I’m digging deep here for Pro’s.

I know.

I won’t lie – feeling pretty down, but I’ll pick myself up again soon. No pun intended.

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