Germs be gone!

I can’t believe that I am sick. AGAIN. Argh!!

I am absolutely feeling like death warmed up. I made a doctors appointment this morning and when I arrived I couldn’t believe how full the waiting room was. People were actually standing around because all the chairs were occupied.

My doctor took one look at me and told them that I had caught the very bad strain of flu going around… and if I didn’t slow down, I’d be admitted into hospital.

Not fun.

I’ve been ordered to be in bed until Sunday. No exceptions.

I have no choice and feel pretty weak and crap so the idea of doing anything is out. It does however mean I miss the YOU Magazine Awards this Saturday and I’ve been really looking forward to them.

Health comes first though and I’m obviously being made to slow down for a reason.

I have had a fever throughout the day. One minute I am shivering I’m so cold and the next I feel like I may spontaneously combust. My head feels like it may explode and my body is just sore all over.

I am an utter joy right now.

It does allow me to catch up on sleep, read blogs, watch my TV series and getting cuddles from Duke and Jadie are the best. Jadie at least lies still for a while. Duke gets bored easily and is off looking for his new adventure or lizard to torture in the garden.

Cuddling up with Jadie

I’d up my multi vitamin and vitaminc C dose if I were you… It’s quite a nasty strain doing the rounds and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.


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