Finding treasure

I did the Happy Dance when I got invited to join Pinterest. For months/a year now I have requested an invitation, but received nothing. *sob* I have read all your blogs and seen how everyone goes on about “pinning” and Pinterest. I get it now. I really do. I finally get the excitement and I also get how you can lose hours by pinning and liking and re-pinning. It’s like being welcomed into a world of creativity, colour, art and inspiration. It makes me want to take more and more photos.

If you’re on Pinterest – please follow me and since I am completely new to the site, if you have any fun and interesting info on things I should do or see, I’d love your suggestions.

In other news: I discovered something this week that had me saying out aloud: “Oh my God!”

Let me give you some back story: Last year January I asked my IT guy to create a new email address that could be linked to my blog and also eventually become my main email address. Life got busy and while I knew he had set it up on his side, I had no idea how to set it up on my side and I just left it.

Fast forward a YEAR. I was cleaning up my laptop – the New Year has a tendency to bring on the “Spring cleaning” action, and accidentally clicked on something that opened. Something I’d never seen before. A whole new mail application. Voila. I had activated my email account. Who knew it only took one click?



What I didn’t expect was how many emails came through. I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was like finding hidden treasure. Such lovely emails about my blog and some missed opportunities that I could kick myself over (it obviously wasn’t meant to be), but what I find really amazing (other than the humbling kindness) was that people had spoken about what I had written at that time. I felt like I was in a mini time-warp. It is amazing to see how much can change and happen in one year. I’m in such a different space to the space I was exactly one year ago. A happier space, a better space and one of growth. What a great revelation, without even realizing I needed one. Treasure indeed.

What were you doing exactly one year ago? Are you in the same place? Are you happier? Have you grown?


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