Favourite Things: Summer Guide

I’ve returned from my Summer holiday and I thought I’d share some of my must-have products that I am obsessed with.

I have skin that tends to have a mind of it’s own. I can either tan beautifully and go golden, or I can rival a lobster and peel.

I discovered Piz Buin’s new suntan lotion called: Tan & Protect. It’s not a self tanner, it’s an SPF sun lotion protecting you from the UV rays, while allowing you to tan faster without burning. Genius and it works!

The Body Shops Coconut Body Milk – I adore the smell and the consistency. I also love that you can spray it on, so you don’t waste by accidentally squeezing out too much. It leaves you feeling moisturised without feeling too layered or greasy. It’s great all year round. I introduced it to my little sister and we are completely obsessed.

I don’t like to wear much make-up when I’m on holiday – but I have discovered (thanks to my dear friend Being Brazen, who raved about it while we walked on the beach) the Garnier BB Cream – the miracle skin perfecter. It’s also an affordable price in comparison to other BB creams on the market.

I use the Medium colour and it’s a great alternative to wearing foundation. I wore it when I would wear make-up, otherwise I left my skin bare or used the next product when out in the sun.

I absolutely love Bioderma’s Tinted Cream with an SPF 50+ that I use only on my face and neck. I don’t have to use foundation because it’s tinted and it keeps your face moisturised and protected. I do find that it makes my face a little too shiny at times, but I put a tiny bit of powder over to combat that.

I love the very high protection especially for my face. The sun ages you faster than need be, so stay protected.

Dry Shampoo – this is such a win for lazy days or if you just want to give your hair a refreshing spruce!

Sometimes certain hair styles work better with hair that isn’t freshly washed – so this is great to keep hair manageable and clean for those styles.

I personally love the Tropical one – the smell is amazing. Oh and don’t forget to keep the lid on tight. I find it has a tendency to evaporate.

Labello Sun Lip Ice – we apply sunscreen to everything, don’t forget about your lips. I find this quite protective and moisturising. There are many brands out there, but my mom has used this her whole life and I guess I’m following in her footsteps lip puckering.

Sunglasses – No, you can never have enough and you can never leave the house without them. I always believe you should give credit where it is due and I really believe the best selection and service is from Sunglass Hut.


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