Dolphins in Cape Town

Johannesburg tends to go from Winter straight into hot Summer days and almost skips Spring. Cape Town tends to be left out of the Summer Memo and takes a little bit longer to fully committ to hot, delicious Summer days.

Spring, in Cape Town happens to be 4 seasons in one day, so when we do have a gorgeous day, we capitalise.

That is exactly what happened this past Sunday.

Sox and I were invited onto our friend, Alon Kowen’s boat – it is always a treat for me and every single worry in the world seems to evaporate when we’re on the water, wind whipping through my hair, the sun on my face and seeing the beauty that is Cape Town.

We had the most incredible time seeing a huge pod of dolphins. Not only did we get to see them doing tricks in the water, but they seemed really curious and kept swimming and playing with our boat. We had brought the GoPro with us and stuck it into the water to film the dolphins, who seemed really inquisitive about that too. It was absolutely incredible to experience.

Here are some photos from the afternoon…

Alon and I

I compiled a short video with some amazing underwater shots. Spot the dolphin making eye contact… Enjoy! Click here for the Video

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