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I left my laptop charger at the photographer on Friday which has left me Mac less naked. I can only get it back tomorrow, so I’ve come into studio earlier JUST to blog. That’s how much I’ve missed you guys.

Wow – what a few days this has been… I need to catch up with you.

Where do I start?

The Wonderbra Party last Thursday night was great – except there was a power failure, so for about an hour and a half we were in darkness. It was a great way to bond. Kidding.

Nothing a few Jack & Limes couldn’t solve 😉

Soula, Karolina, Dhiveja, Bailey, Adele, Cara

Karolina, Bailey, Soula and Cara

We were there for the reveal of the new Wonderbra girl. There was a nationwide search and it was cut down to four exquisite girls.

I’m so pleased with the choice. While, all four girls are amazing, I just thought Natasha Barnard really stood out. Karolina and I were definitely rooting for her… she has that Victoria Secret model look to her.

Karolina, Natasha (Winner of Wonderbra search) and I

Friday was an incredible day. I now know how The Kardashians must feel… I’ve always thought it (being the drama) seemed staged but when you have cameras on you following you around all day long, you kind of forget that they are there after a while. I had this experience for 12 hours, imagine that day after day.

I was being filmed for a TV show called Sistahood

Pearl Moody (Presenter of Sistahood) and I

The segment was called: “A Day in the Life of Bailey Schneider…”

I had so much fun… they filmed me at Studio 9 hair salon and then we moved onto an incredible photo shoot with the famous Nic Boulton and then they filmed me on my radio show.

On Saturday night I celebrated my beautiful friend Rene’s 30th birthday!

The birthday girl, Rene and I

She had hired the upstairs VIP section of Metro Restaurant out where we drank and ate to our hearts content…

Her cake was so perfectly “Rene”…

 Birthday cake: Handbag & Stiletto

Sunday was the Top Gear Festival. My dad hardly misses one of their TV shows and it is safe for me to say he is the biggest Top Gear fan. I managed to get tickets for the show, plus I was asked to be one of the celebrity drivers for the day. I was excited and nervous. I like to think I’m a pretty good driver… but drag racing and stunt driving aren’t exactly high up on the CV, know what I mean?

My dad and I had an absolute blast. Before I had to race, I thought I was going to throw up from the excited nerves. My heart was pounding and as soon as I saw the green lights, I flew down the straight of the Kyalami Race Track and did it in 16 seconds. Wooohoooo!! My legs were shaking from the adrenaline.

Good times!!

In the VIP area where we were being hosted, I met Jody Scheckter, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan.

The Top Gear Team: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May

 Car Bungee Jump – INSANE!!

 My Dad and I

 Getting ready to Drag Race down Kyalami Race Track

I loved this: Bailey Racing

 The celebrity racing team

F1 Racing Driver: David Coulthard and myself

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