I absolutely love blogging and reading your blogs. I have my faves that I read EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So whilst sipping on a cup of Vanilla Tea (thank goodness I haven’t had to quit that in my detox) I was going through my daily’s…and clicked on to indieBerries and as I’m scrolling down her amazing cartoons that always make me laugh and following the story line… I nearly spilled my tea all over me when I suddenly realized she was blogging about ME!!

I’ve been cartooned and not just by anyone…by indieBerries.

I happened to be in studio while I was doing this and suddenly started doing a Happy Dance (I’ll have to video blog that one day)

Mark Pilgrim looked at me strangely (it’s quite normal actually) until I showed him that HE TOO had been CARTOONED and he joined me in the HAPPY DANCE!

That was the COOLEST thing EVER. Made my day year decade.

If you want to read the full article… CLICK HERE…YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO


Thank you Che – really… I have shown EVERYONE I KNOW.

I’m close to framing it.


Then just as my legs were starting to cramp from the Happy Dance… I got a BBM to say I was in the Heat Magazine.

Suddenly I was racking my brain to remember if I’d been photographed doing crazy things like: doing body shots or wearing no panties.


I’m not Paris Hilton. Thank goodness… Just wish I had her bank account.

Anyway…moving on…I rushed out and check it out: Me…CARTOONED!!

The article was called: The Dodgy Jobs Celebs Did before becoming A-List.

I feel exceptionally special.

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