Blackberry Park Concert

On Sunday morning my family and I had plans to go to the Blackberry Park in Sandton for the Toya Delazy and Daniel Bedingfield concert. It was raining and we weren’t sure if it was still going to happen, but we got word that it was. My sister arranged a picnic and off we went to meet up with her boyfriend, Ross and his family.

Toya Delazy was awesome and we managed to eat our picnic before the rain started pouring…

We moved all our stuff under a tree and were standing under umbrellas when this guy walked straight up to us and started asking what we thought of the weather and if we thought people would stay to watch. I was looking at him and listening to the accent when it suddenly clicked… This is Daniel Bedingfield! He was so down to earth and warm and after I got a quick photo with him, he rushed off to get the concert started a little earlier than scheduled.

The rain really started coming down and rain poncho’s were handed out… I thought everyone would leave, but they didn’t…

He has an amazingly powerful voice and I love that he came out into the crowd, in the rain and walked around the park singing.

I also love that he used all South African musicians and back up singers.

I didn’t like that he smoked on stage, but he got away with it from his quirky personality.

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