It’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll eat cupcakes if I want to….

Want to know that the best thing about that is? It falls on a Friday! Gosh I have waited a few years for it to finally fall on a weekend so that I could actually party on the day!

I cannot wait to party the night away with my friends and familyand I have a special VIP section cordoned off for me.

I have ordered cupcakes from Rubinella Cupcakes in Melville- they are to die for.

I haven’t seen my family today yet, so it does feel a little strange. I was up at 5am and off doing voice overs and filming for Expresso Show…

My mom called me to wish me a happy birthday and I wished her “Happy Birth Giving Day” … it’s a little tradition we have. She then said something that I think is really amazing: “28 years ago, I gave birth to you, when I was 28 years old.”

I really love that.

It does feel a little strange not having seen my best friends and family yet… BUT tonight we’ll make up for it…I have a cocktail dress I bought specifically for my birthday and I cannot wait to celebrate! Bring on the champagne!

I will say, that I have completely felt the love though … everyone on Twitter, Facebook, my BBM and even via email has been making me feel very very special. I certainly feel incredibly blessed and loved.

Thank you.

I got my camera back … so expect photos of the party next week! YAY!

I’d also like to wish my “twin” Morgan Ross a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We are born on the same day, the same year but to different moms. I am apparently 6 hours older than her, so I always tease that she has to “respect her elders.”

We met in University and have stayed friends ever since. Gosh. It’s going on 10 years now… OK, I don’t want us to feel older than we have to. She is one of the most amazing girls with the most incredible passion and knowledge of music. I am very blessed to have such a warm, witty friend! Love ya Twinnage 😉

Morgan and I <3

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