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Arniston 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2019 is one of the best yet!

I kissed 2018 goodbye and welcomed 2019 with a big glass of bubbles, a dance and a smooch with my handsome husband at Cafe Caprice. It was exactly what I needed – just the right amount of partying, but in bed by 1am. No one wants to be exhausted or hungover with a very busy toddler.

On the 01/01/19, we always cut the Greek cake called Vasilopita. There is a coin inside and who ever gets the piece with the coin, gets extra good fortune for the year.

We packed the car and drove at 19h00 for 2.5 hours to Arniston. Our good friends the Goodman’s had hired a home and had space for us.

On our way, we encountered the most magnificent rainbow. Sox and I both said we had never seen anything like it. It was so vibrant and so thick! Of course, the pics do it no justice, but still.

Rainbows are very significant to me. They’ve always been a sign in my life that everything is going to be OK, so I really took it as a good sign seeing one so beautifully on the 01st.

We arrived at the house, in the dark, put the camp cot up and transferred sleeping George in, some what successfully.

One of the best things about arriving at night, is waking up in the morning and seeing your new surroundings. The house we were staying in happened to be in the most amazing spot. We had the most breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean. It really felt like the Meditteranean.

This was the view from our bedroom window… and I actually gasped when I saw the colour of the water.

We admittedly didn’t have the best weather. The first 2 days were chilly and super windy, but just being with good friends and constant view of the ocean, made me feel instantly relaxed.

Arniston reminds me of St. Francis Bay before it was all built up. It felt nostalgic, even though it was the first time I’ve ever been.

A good friend, Amanda had recommended we visit The Black Oystercatcher. It’s in Bredasdorp, 20 minutes away from Arniston, so Bonney booked for us and off we went.

While we waited for lunch, Martin, Bonney and I did a little wine tasting. 

I particularly love the rosé and the bubbly. What seemed like a good idea to wine taste, turned into a bad idea. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, so I was doing wine tasting (not spitting) on an empty stomach and I actually got tipsy quite fast. My head was spinning and I felt a little giddy.

Luckily the food arrived quite quickly; and it was absolutely superb.

How is this naughty face of Georgie’s? It cracks me up.

Sox and I are big sunglass collectors, so it seems fitting that our boy shares the love.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, reading and chilling… Loving this book. I interviewed Vanessa Raphaely on my radio show.. you can listen to the Podcast – she is so much fun! 

Martin and Sox played games…

Sox flew his drone a few times and got some incredible footage…

George watching the drone…

The kids skateboarded, something George seemed to really enjoy…

There was Disney Channel watching…

George, was the centre of attention amongst all the girls. Lucky guy!

The girls, Leah, Talia, Leila and Eve were absolutely amazing with George. It was so sweet!

We enjoyed watching the sun set in pretty pastels, with sundowners on the patio…

We warmed up around the fire (strange cool weather for January – but kind of lovely to be able to light a fire too)

Dinners were delicious braai’s and hearty salads…

Breakfasts were buttery eggs and coffee.

This is one of my favourite photos of George and I. It was so candid…

I’ve had a few enquiries about the blush pj’s I’m wearing. They’re from Lazey and Co.

We admittedly had one good day of Beach Weather… Martin and Bonney led us to the most incredible beach, that felt so private. Sox took his Drone up… you can see how private it looks now… You can spot 3 groups of people, that’s it.

The water was so refreshing…

George over the last 2 days had woken up with temperatures (no other symptoms) and we were alternating between Calpol and Neurofen meds…
All of us sudden, from being my happy, smiley boy… in his water wings and all, he asked to be picked up and fell fast asleep on my chest, instantly – 2 hours early for his usual nap. It was bizarre.

We put him in the UV Tent, but the tent was so hot and it only elevated his temperature and shallow breathing. It was quite scary to see him like this and we left the beach to get him better.

The rest of the holiday our poor boy was really lethargic and we fought high temperatures on and off…

The irony is I sometimes dream about my Tasmanian Devil toddler just chilling. G is BUSY! However, this is not how I wanted it. It was eerie to see my usual firecracker so lethargic and just lying on my lap.

On our last day, George really wasn’t well, and we were worried about driving 2.5 hours home with him feeling so sick. We found a doctor in Bredasdorp open on a Saturday and made it just in time, before they closed. The poor sausage had an ear and throat infection. We got antibiotics for him and while he napped in his pram, we visited an Arniston Must: Willeen’s, for lunch.

We ordered the seafood platter…

The pickled fish is a must and it made me think of my Dad, who’s a big fan of PF.

It was such a relief to see George feeling a little better, after his nap… His little character certainly came back, playing my sunglasses and hat… 

Really not sure where he gets this pose from? 😛 

Martin, Bonney, Saul and the girls, it was awesome to spend time with you! Thanks for the most wonderful first week of January 2019!

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  • Reply Jodie

    Looks really amazing – wow!

    January 11, 2019 at 12:41 pm
  • Reply Kim

    Arniston is such a special place! The house looks amazing, would you mind sharing the details of the rental agent?

    January 11, 2019 at 1:47 pm
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