Announcement: YouTube Channel

I posted a cheeky “Exciting news coming soon” post and a lot of you thought it was a new blog design. I have been looking into that but the quotes I’ve received have been completely out of my budget so I’ve put that on ice for now.

The exciting news is that I am adding “Vlogger” to my “Blogger” title and I am thrilled that Vanilla Blonde is growing – I can’t tell you how happy it makes me heart and I’ve done plenty of happy dances!

I introduce my new YouTube channel called: Vanilla Blonde by Bailey

I would probably do cartwheels in my happy dance – um… that could be dangerous, but I’d definitely try if you subscribed.

Ill be posting videos every single week and obviously my blog will still continue as normal every single Monday – Friday.

There is a subscribe button and a comments section on the channel so I can’t wait to hear from you!

Here it is…

I’m so excited and have so many ideas… If there is anything you want to see please let me know!

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