A few of my favourite things

I absolutely adore candles… they just create such an amazing atmosphere.

 I found this bangle stand that allows me to display my favourite pieces.

 I am loving bold prints… this is a dress that I’ve worn once and I really can’t wait to wear it again… I just need to find the right function to wear it to.

This is incredibly sentimental to me. My mom painted this for me and I absolutely adore it.

I adore my matching “Morning gorgeous” and “Morning handsome” cups I recently found. They are HUGE… it ensures a double dose of my vanilla tea and that makes me even happier.

I have this vintage bird cage that I keep to display candles in or low cut flowers.

I adore feeding the birds that frequent my garden. This bird seed holder has measure out sections just perfect for the amount of seed needed for my bird feeder.

I think I am “cursed” when it comes to Orchards… I adore them, but I can never keep them alive. I have all the instructions, orchard feeder and so on, but no such luck. Yet. This is an Orchard I have that I am hoping will survive. Hold thumbs.

My favourite flowers… They brighten up a room and my day.

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