10 more sleeps

It seems that we are in that in between stage of seasons. It’s still warm but it’s chilly too. This makes getting dressed very confusing. One minute I’m in a strappy top and then I’m in a jacket and then it’s too hot to wear a jacket or jersey but too cold to not wear long sleeves.

I’m odd in the fact that I want Winter to hurry up so I can wear some of winter fashion faves, but at the same time, I don’t want the cold weather at all.

Bailey’s Winter faves

I discovered this the other day and I’ve added it to my ever expanding wish list.

Wish List

In other news… I think I can put the winter fashion on hold a little while longer…

I have 10 more sleeps until I will be on a 3 day cruise to the Portuguese Islands. It’s going to be an incredibly welcome break and yet another brilliant B+K Moment… My soul sister Karolina Sky and I will be travelling down to Durban on Mango Airlines. From there we are going on the MSC Sinfonia cruise in …wait for it… a suite with our own balcony and I can’t wait.

I will be sipping Pina Colada’s here……
…..and here 🙂

10 more sleeps!!

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