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10 Examples of How Blogging Works

I’ve found that blogs create such a sense of community and little “families” are created. Well, that’s how I like to see it. I see each reader and commenter as part of my little community/family and I’m grateful for everyone.

What I have also found is that bloggers themselves are islands. No one really cross promotes or shows support of one another. Yes, there’s the blog roll that some bloggers have visible – a list of blogs they personally enjoy, and then of course, there are the comments left in support/ engagement (sometimes.)

I never really see other bloggers referring to others in their actual posts though. If they do refer to them, I’ve noticed that 70% of the time, there is never a link to their blog.

I am obviously, generalising, and this is not a complaint. It’s merely an observation and it got me thinking about how, as much as I personally adore blogging, I also adore reading blogs and whilst, I know I’m a bad commenter, blogs have really opened my eyes to experiences and products that I might not have discovered.

I got into a blogging conversation with non-bloggers the other evening and the question was: “Does blogging actually work? I mean, do you really buy things you see off blogs?”

I’d personally never thought of that before and it was quite awesome to answer back: “Now that I think about it, I do… All the time actually. I get a lot of feedback from readers and friends who have bought items I’ve posted about – it is always, always flattering. I’m constantly introduced to new products and experiences through the blogs that I read too. When I see something in the shops that I’ve seen on a blog, I’m drawn to it, to see it up close and personally. I’ve eaten at restaurants that have come highly recommended. Yes, blogs do work.”

I thought I’d share how blogging has worked and instead of sharing how my blog has worked, I’m going to turn the tables and share how other blogs have worked for me.

*I have not been sponsored by any of these products and I know the bloggers listed below have no idea they’re about to be mentioned.*

1. I read on Pink Peonies (extremely informative), In My Bag (A lot of beauty products are on my radar) and Baked the Blog (I follow her more on Instagram and snapchat, and I’m still new to her blog) about the Garnier Cleansing Water, a while ago. My make-up remover finished and whilst I walked straight into Clicks last Friday to get a new one. I noticed the Garnier Cleansing Water sitting on the shelf and instantly remembered the beauty reviews. I decided to try it instead of my regular remover.

Verdict: I love it! It took my TV make-up off in 3 cotton pads, with ease, I might add.

2. Le’Chelle has a YouTube channel and a blog, called Taylor Made. I’d seen her review on Real Technique Make-up brushes and MAC make-up brushes a while ago. It was only now that I’m looking for new make-up brushes, that I remembered her review. Then, I saw her Snapchatting about cleaning her brushes. Excellent timing. I Snapchatted her to ask her opinion and she kindly sent me a list. On Friday, off I went to make my purchases.

Verdict: Thank you Le’Chelle! They are everything you raved about and more. I’m now going to buy the rest to complete the whole range.

3. A Gorgeous Life wrote about the fact that Spree now has an app. I downloaded the app on Saturday morning, out of curiosity, started browsing and within 5 minutes had ordered a halter neck full bikini. The inspiration came from seeing Barefoot Blonde in her gorgeous full pieces and braids (braid inspiration of note.)

Verdict: It arrived within 2 days and it makes me feel like a beach babe and I don’t think I’ve ever called myself that. Ever.

4. I bought my black Nike sneakers off the Totalsports online store, thanks to Pretty Mint.

Verdict: I ordered in the morning and received them that very afternoon. Unbelievable.

5. The Spruce girls and Tails of a Mermaid have me wanting to travel to Paris and Reunion Island.

Verdict: They’re on my travel wish list.

Sourced from Spruce
Sourced from Tails of a Mermaid

6. My Life in Pink makes me want her wardrobe (and I really want to learn from her on how to pose like a model – just so that I don’t look so awkward in fashion photos.)

Verdict: I went on a Witchery binge after her posts.

Sourced from My Life in Pink

7. I’ve never done a full spa day. Can you actually believe that? After reading One Stiletto at a Time’s review on the Hydro Spa, it’s now on my radar .

Verdict: I’ll hopefully get to experience it when my schedule allows.

Sourced from One Stiletto at a Time

8. I’m often inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere – even though a lot of the products she shares are only in the US, I did purchase her book. I also asked Sox to get me some items you can only get from Sephora, when he was in Las Vegas. The man walked into Sephora and got everything off my list.

Verdict: The book is inspiring. I think I should marry Sox 😉

9. I bought this Redken Frizz Dismiss hair product after reading this review by Louise Heart Love.

Verdict: It really does tame frizz, which is great because I’m trying to avoid all the heat I’ve been using on my hair.

10. I tried on a beautiful dress from Miss Friday at YDE, thanks to Superficial Girls posts.

Verdict: I love their range, but unfortunately the dress I really wanted was the last one on the rack and it was too big for me. (What a good problem to have.)

Sourced from Superficial Girls

There are many many more, but I have stuck to 10.

I never thought I was so influenced by blogs, but it’s a wonderful reminder on how powerful and influential blogging can be.

If you’re a brand wondering whether you should spend marketing money with bloggers, I hope you’ll put that into your 2016 strategy. Yes, the blogging world is now saturated, but I hope you’ll recognise that there are some amazing, authentic bloggers who pour their hearts into their blogs. They are credible and even if readers don’t buy immediately, trust me, your product is on a consumers radar because of blogging.

It’s also a reminder to us bloggers of the responsibility in being genuine and authentic. Please don’t write how “wonderful” something is, when it isn’t or you haven’t genuinely reviewed it… You’ll lose your credibility in seconds.

Thanks to all the bloggers who put so much love into writing. It doesn’t go unnoticed!


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