Wednesday Wisdom: An Abundant Life

When I met Linda Smith Harvey I had no idea how my life would change. It wouldn’t be immediate, but it would all be in the right timing.

We met on my 2Oceansvibe Radio show in 2014 and then again at the beginning of 2015.

She is such a ray of sunshine and holds the most magnificent key to unlocking your earning potential and how to live an abundant life. It’s all about whether you are truly ready to take that key and unlock the magic.

I’ve started her Abundance by Design Webinar – a course done completely online. There are 12 live online sessions done bi-weekly and after just one session, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. I’ve had my eyes completely opened and other things that I’ve thought/wondered to be true, confirmed.

So many of us have some sort of negative emotion towards money, for whatever reason that could be.  This course helps unblock that, gets rid of the old beliefs that are holding you back and creates a whole new abundant you!

Yes. Really.

One of the biggest worries/concerns that almost everyone has is: I don’t have enough.

If you feel that way, you are not alone.

Money is energy. It’s as simple as that and when you start to be more grateful for everything you have in your life, you change the energy, and more of what you’re grateful for starts showing up.

Just saying simple affirmations changes the energy you have around you like:

I am a money magnet. I have enough. I earn money in expected and unexpected ways.

From just one session, I’ve noticed a shift in the way I view things and how I look at money and a fulfilling life. It’s not really as daunting as you think and can actually be really fun when you start realising that you hold the power.

I’ve got Linda’s Abundance Diary – it’s so beautiful and motivating. It has spaces for you to write down your spending, your gratitude and it has lovely daily quotes. You can purchase the diary on her website. She’s running a special where you buy 1 and get 1 free – perfect for your BFF. #justsaying

I’ve already started with little things, like increasing my gratitude and actually writing it down.

Writing down what I spend in a day – it’s quite an interesting exercise.

I’ve already started saving and it all adds up. I’ve already saved more than I did last month just from these small changes.

I can’t wait to share some of my experiences with you as the webinar course develops.

Linda is hosting a FREE introduction to her Webinar on Monday the 13th. You simply have to go onto her website and sign up. She will then send you the link you’ll need for Monday. She is so inspiring and completely life changing.

The big questions is: Are you ready to live an abundant life?

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