Sox Birthday 2014

On Friday the 31st of January, it was Socrates special day!

I was so excited to be celebrating his birthday with him. I haven’t been very personal on my blog about him – I’ve kept a lot personal for us and because this is something really special. There have been mentions and photos but I haven’t been all mushy, so at the risk of starting all that mushy business, Socrates is one of the best people in this world. His soul is so beautiful and kind and warm. He gives “caring” a whole new definition, especially when it comes to the important people in his life, like his family and his closest friends and the things that are important to him, like humanity.

He makes me want to be a better person. It’s inspiring.

OK… put the violins away.

I woke him up with a freshly made cappuccino and all his gifts on Friday morning. We then got ready for a fun filled day. Sox has bought himself a Vespa so he went to pick up his birthday gift to himself and off we went…

*Note to self. Must find out when we will be using the Vespa ahead of time so that I don’t wear a dress and flash half of Cape Town.

We arrived at Mischu for coffee and a game of backgammon with Yaron. This has become a new ritual of theirs. Mischu coffee is delicious and as you know I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, I really enjoyed it.

I rushed quickly to Charly’s Bakery to buy Sox a Wicked Chocolate Birthday cake.

Friday has got to be the hottest day I have ever experienced in Cape Town so far. My car showed a temperature of 36 degrees celsius and it sure felt hotter than that. It really became unbearable at times.

It was an absolutely perfect idea to go for a boat ride on his friend, Alon’s boat. We did this on his birthday last year and it looks like this may become a tradition.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Table Mountain was so incredibly clear and quite breathtaking to see. We watched seals play and dolphins play and jump before anchoring in Clifton. It was also the first time I’ve seen a Sun Fish. We all decided to break the heat and jump into the Atlantic, which was actually wonderfully refreshing and not painfully cold.

Skipper Sox

Sun Fish

Lions Head

A cruise liner was arriving and we went right up to it… Everyone was on deck with their camera out and when we looked out to see what they saw, it just made me think about how amazing it must be for someone to see that sight for the first time. Cape Town was really showing off and I still can’t believe I get to call this home now.

After a fantastic afternoon out, we got ready for dinner and went off to one of our favourite restaurants: Hudsons.

It was so incredibly hot, so Laura and I ordered a refreshing jug of Pimms

Kim and Laura
Kim and Marc
Alexi and Sox
Selfies: This is my house mate, Jarrad and I

This is honestly my favourite cheat meal… Bacon Jam burger, guido style (without the roll), sweet potato wedges and Cab Driver sauce.

Happy Birthday my love, I’m glad you had such an awesome day!

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