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Life Lately

Life has been slightly chaotic… in the good sense.

I move this weekend and I still haven’t packed one box yet. Procrastination much? Wish me luck.

We celebrated Marco’s 40th Birthday last Saturday evening and I danced so much I even broke my heel.

Sox and I
Aimee, Niko and I

The days have been getting colder and the mist, low thick clouds and rain have turned Cape Town into a different animal. I still think it’s the most beautiful city.

 I’ve been loving my #LCHF lifestyle…

I’ve also returned to Sweat 1000… Goodness time has flown. I got out of my routine when I was traveling a bit for TV. I kept thinking guiltily: “Gosh, it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve trained!” and the 3 week notion kind of got stuck there. Fast forward life and it’s actually been 3 months! Shocked.

I returned this week and I’ve battled. I’m right back to the start, but luckily muscle memory will kick in soon (hopefully) and I should be back to my fitness levels in a few weeks. It feels good. SORE, but good.

Wearing Brasilfit Snow Burst Winter Pants

I saw this and had to buy it straight away. Besides vanilla being a firm favourite, coconut is almost on par.

I cannot help myself when it comes to Sunglasses. Every time I walk past a Sunglass Hut…. Wait… that’s hilarious… I never walk past. I always always go in to browse…ahem.

I’ve noticed a trend… most of the big brands like Miu Miu, Prada and Bulgari are bringing out rimless sunglasses. What do you think of these?

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging

It’s all about the details

I’ve been having loads of fun on my radio show and thrilled to be growing my audience. Internet radio is definitely the future of radio. Just ask Gareth Cliff…

Pushing Buttons

I’ve also had “Twin Time” with a good friend of mine, Laura and her gorgeous 16 month old twins, George and Daniela. These two are so cute I could just gobble them up. We had play time, dinner time, bath time and wine time (with Laura, of course)

 George decided sharing is caring and fed my nose his yoghurt…

Right… Best I get cracking. These boxes aren’t going to pack themselves!

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