Cosmopolitan, cake, cleaning and cooking…

This morning my best friend Karolina Sky and I did a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine. It was such fun – I will be posting some behind the scenes photos soon. The spread will come out in Cosmo in May 2011.

Afterwards we had our B+K moment and went for tea and cake. We couldn’t decide between the chocolate caramel cake and the nutty cheesecake; so we ordered both and shared them. So naughty, but so decadent.

(Ironic… you’ll see what I mean, when you see what the shoot for Cosmo is about.)


The Evidence

In other news… I have been de-cluttering and rearranging my apartment, which I honestly thought would take me an hour or two. It’s taken me 3 days (off and on) and I am exhausted. Who knew it would take this long?

I am the biggest hoarder. I don’t mean to, because I really like to be minimalist. I have that super sentimental gene in me and the “but-I-may-use-that-one-day” gene too.

I will admit that part of why it took so long was because I rediscovered things I forgot I had. I tried to do the whole: “If I haven’t needed/forgotten about/used this in all this time; throw it away.”

Except I found every excuse.

My photographs were the worst. OK so none of those were thrown away. Obviously…. But my trip down memory lane was a looooong one.

I will say (even if I do say so myself) that my apartment looks fantastic… It’s amazing how a tidy, decluttered home can make everything in your life seem so neat and tidy too.

I’m sure there’s a popular quote pertaining to this exact sentiment, but I can’t too lazy find it.

I feel like going home to light candles, open a bottle of wine and enjoy it with my Camembert cheese and fig preserve.

This weekend I am going to do as little as possible in between seeing friends, celebrating a 30th birthday and making an appearance this weekend at the Rosebank African Craft Market. On Sunday, I am doing a cook off with celebrity chef Lochner. It should be fun. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my name splashed all over posters on street poles. A friend of mine sent me the photograph.

I then sent it to my mom and dad with the message: “I know how badly you wanted to keep me off the pole and off street corners, but I just couldn’t help myself. Sorry 🙂

Bailey on the Pole

Happy Weekend and if you happen to be in the Rosebank area, come through… I hope to not burn the place down with my awesome, amazing cooking skills.

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