I’m so perfect

Over the past few months, I’ve received a few emails/tweets/messages from people that read my blog or follow me on social media. Whilst the messages haven’t been particularly nasty (except for that one/two/five), there has been the general message that my life looks perfect.

Stop the bus.

Social media is a highlights reel. No one posts pictures of themselves looking ugly (unless you follow my boyfriend on Instagram who posts the worst pics of me and thinks it’s hilarious).

Think about it. Our profile pictures showcase how we think we look our best.

We don’t post pictures of ourselves looking anything but glam/carefree/gorgeous.

You know those pics… the ones that reek of:

What? I always wake up like this/go to bed looking like this/I’m trying to pretend someone else is taking this picture of me but it’s actually a selfie/I’m pretending I’m asleep and look this good sleeping/I’m trying to look casual but hot.

You know the ones.

My blog is a personal blog – however, as I am the author and I control the content, I choose what goes onto the blog and what doesn’t. I choose what I share with you and what I don’t.

Those who have followed this blog for a long time will know that there are several occasions when I pour my soul out, vulnerably. I tell you when I’ve gone through heart ache, bad times, tough times and so on.

I do, however, choose to keep my blog light, uplifting, encouraging and fun.

I also only share about 25% of what happens in my life and if you want to see it as a highlights reel, great.

I’m also not going to apologise for it. I really love my life. That might sound narcissistic or precocious but it has taken me a long time of growth, falling down, dusting myself off and trying again, a journey of really being grateful and appreciating all that I have, so that I really enjoy myself, who I am, who I am becoming and the life that I have been blessed with.

We all have one. It’s just how you choose to see it, experience it and where you focus your energy.

Besides, wouldn’t it be boring if I posted EVERYTHING UP… even the mundane?

You read several articles on social media etiquette these days and it’s all about: Don’t be that person who airs dirty laundry, don’t be that person who is passive aggressive, don’t be that person who shares everything from their meals to their bowel movements.

See? You wouldn’t want to know everything. 

For those who read my blog often, will know that I share a great deal with you – things I think are of interest, that are uplifting, that are encouraging, that’s entertaining, that’s informative like new products and experiences I’ve enjoyed and think/hope you might too and somewhat personal.

My posts are always a genuine reflection of my gratitude… not a thinly veiled attempt to boast.

I decided to document my life over the past week or so of all the things that no one ordinarily documents… aka, you won’t find this on Instagram, twitter or Facebook.

Here goes:

Exhibit A: I don’t have a stitch of make up on, my hair is still wet from my shower so I’ve scraped it back and I’m trying to buy some veggies. As I yanked the plastic, I yanked it too hard and well… Boyfriend not only laughed, but also took a photo.

Exhibit A

Some of you may not know this, I am very clumsy. I’m the girl who trips up stairs.

Exhibit B: As we were leaving the Easter ceremony at the Greek Church, I fell really badly (and swore – at Church.) I literally wiped out and I was quite lucky I didn’t break anything or worse. My wrist caught my fall and prevented my head from smashing into the metal wheelchair ramp.

Honestly, I feel like my hand should be black, blue and yellow from the pain alone. In the photo it looks absolutely fine underneath all the Arnica cream I smeared on.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C: The different kind of selfie… When I went to dentist, my whole mouth was anaesthetised and whilst I was attempting to talk/drool, I bit my lip so hard (luckily didn’t feel it) but was convinced I had taken a chunk out. I hadn’t..

Imagine seeing this on your Instagram feed.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D: I attempted a new twirling plait and failed. I’ll post the correct tutorial soon.

Exhibit D

Exhibit E: I made tea for me and a cappuccino for Sox at his apartment… and then I bumped the cup…

Can’t Instagram/Tweet that coffee.

Exhibit E

Now imagine if I had to start showing you everything… it’s funny once in a while, but it would become completely random.

Life isn’t perfect and social media certainly isn’t a true reflection. It’s a window into the good things that make us smile.

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