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With all these public holidays and another 2 to go, don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the shorter weeks, but it’s left me feeling very: stop-start-stop-start – if that makes sense?

I have also been working through out, but my work is fun and I’m always thankful for it.

I have wanted/needed/dreamed of/wished for a pair of Chanel sunglasses for ages now. I have perused over Pinterest fashion boards, fashion sites and been in lust and love all at the same time. Yet again, Sunglass Hut has the best selection and I did a happy dance on the spot when I discovered the very pair I have been lusting after/in love with.

Peek a boo
Packaging Perfection

Last Wednesday evening, Janine from Being Brazen invited me to the pre-screening of Spider Man with Revlon. At first I didn’t quite make the connection. You’d think the movie shown would be a girly rom-com type of movie. It all made sense when I realised that Emma Stone, Revlon’s ambassador, is in the movie.

Slow clap for Blondie here.

When I told Sox where I was going and that he wasn’t going to be able to come with, I kept getting the feeling he was hinting at missing out…

Being interviewed on 48 Hours TV

I loved the movie, in 3D… cheesy in parts and super exciting for all the rest. Janine also won a spot prize – and she called it as we were walking in. She just casually said: “I’m going to win something!” Lucky girl.

I’m trying that the next time I play the Lotto.

On Friday I flew to Durban again to film new inserts for the Expresso TV Show. Saturday was the perfect day in Durban – blue skies, sunshine, a slight ocean breeze and manageable humidity. My hair was thankful. We filmed on the beach and by uShaka for Lucozade Revive – a new energy drink.

We flew back on Sunday evening…

Coffee in hotel beds
Lift door selfies (obviously) before going out for dinner with the crew

I am BESIDES MYSELF WITH EXCITEMENT… My parents arrive in Cape Town on Thursday morning. It’s their first visit to Cape Town since I moved a year ago. I cannot WAIT to show them my apartment, my new car I got last year, where I work, my favourite spots, show them my lifestyle down here and just spend as much quality time as possible.

2 more sleeps!

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