Fathers Day and J-Loops

My family found this little gem, Buitengeluk in Broadacres… literally down the road from where we live. I never knew it existed and it’s so gorgeous with it’s beautiful gardens and Cape Dutch buildings.

I joined my family and my sister’s boyfriends family for a Fathers Day Breakfast. The food is absolutely delicious and we sat out in the gardens enjoying the winter sun.



After that I had to go back to the doctor – I haven’t been feeling very well and had some tests done.

What a whirlwind afternoon it turned out to be. The test results had come back and showed that I need some very strong antibiotics that do not come in tablet form. It needs to be administered in form of a drip. They could have admitted me into hospital for three days, but I really didn’t want that. Instead I have a J-Loop permanently in my arm now and I have to go to hospital over the next 3 days to be hooked up to a drip with the medication.

I have to have my kidneys monitored too because this drug has high toxicity levels. Fun. Not.

Hope you’re not queasy…

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