Observant much?

I am amazed how unobservant people are. I have been walking around with a J-Loop drip thingy-majig stuck in my hand for the past couple of days. I’m also a person who tends to use her hands quite a bit when talking or gesturing. I even unpacked a basket of items at the Pick n Pay yesterday and the lady at the till didn’t even so much as look at me, let alone my hand that was whizzing right under her nose with tubes sticking out.

Look… don’t get me wrong – I’m quite happy no one noticed because it means I didn’t need to explain why I have tubes and needles in my hand.

Hooked up 😉
This is how I’ve been walking around for the past couple of days… it’s not exactly invisible, no?

It just made me think about how much we probably miss in our every day lives. We are so busy in our routines, in the rat race of needing to get things done that we miss so many little things.

How many times do we see the same people in our day to day lives and because of that take little things for granted.

Have you noticed the new picture frame on your colleagues desk? The new hair style on the receptionist?

Have you noticed the new sign posts on your route to work? Noticed the fresh coat of paint three houses down from you?

Have you noticed the difference in someone close to you?

We are so caught up by the things in our lives and thinking ahead to what we need to do next on our To Do List that we are missing out on the small things. Even missing out on the big things.

We need to pay full attention to our surroundings and to the person we’re speaking to and the task at hand. It’s a reminder to slow down, live in the now and to try not be consumed by thinking ahead, like what to make for dinner, hoping to get to the meeting on time and so on.

In other news…. Today is also the Winter Solstice! *HAPPY DANCE* It’s the shortest day and longest night and half through Winter, which means we’re closer to Summer. I can’t wait.

Today is also my final drip. I cannot wait to have this horrid thing removed from my hand. My poor veins. I’ve been quite a pin cushion lately.

Have a beautiful day everybody!

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